Best Ways To Take Care And Protect Your Dog At Summer


Summer is the hottest and the warmest time of the year. This period is not just tough for us humans, but also our furry friends like dogs and cats. Though, our body temperature will support us to tolerate the summer heat. In contradiction, the body temperature of the dogs is already a bit warmer naturally. This will make them feel more warm and hot during the summer months. Therefore, it is your duty and responsibility to protect and take care of your dog with some additional special care during the summer season.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer – American Kennel Club

Here are some of the easy tips to keep your dog cool and away from the heat during summer.

Hydration and balanced diet

Hydration is necessary for your dog both in summer and wintertime. But, during the summer days make sure your dog drinks enough water to quench its thirst. Apart from water your dog should also eat food that has an adequate amount of vitamins, minerals, and energy. This would provide them good health during summer.

Avoid too much sunlight 

During winter days, it is recommended for you to take your dog out in the sunlight for a warm walk. But during the summer make sure you don’t take your dog out in the sunlight for more than 30 minutes. Their body hair will not let them sweat like humans. This would make them tired, exhausted, and result in dehydration.

Special summer grooming 

Even though you groom your dog well during the normal days, during summer you should make sure the thick coat of your dog is trimmed to make it feel less hot. Because a lot of hair attracts parasites and bacteria. It will also attract fleas to a large extent. You can do flea treatment for pets during summer if they get infected by fleas.

Cooling their shelter 

Make sure your Dog’s shelter is not too warm or hot during the summer. Sometimes you might forget to notice this amidst your busy schedule. If their place is hot, you can sprinkle some water there now and then to keep it cool. Don’t make it too watery as they might not sit there.

Frequent water spraying 


If your dog likes it, you can make a habit of spraying or sprinkling cool water on them once in a day or two during summer. This will keep them cool and happy. Your dog might feel refreshed after you do this But, make sure your dog is comfortable with this.

Keep an extra eye on your dog

During summer ensure you keep an extra eye on your dog for heat Strokes or stress. Because, during summer dogs might experience problems like weakness, diarrhea, depression, panting heat Strokes, etc. Make sure your dog is happy and healthy.

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