How To Transport A Vehicle


Every day, thousands of vehicles are transported across countries, regardless of their type (car, utility, boat).

It is often difficult to navigate a very broad price-oriented offer without taking into account other essential criteria; if I entrust my car to a provider, I wait for him to deliver it to me quickly and in good condition.

But Who Can Transport A Vehicle

Everyone can one day be led to want to have their vehicle transported, whether you are an individual in the context of an internet purchase or an automotive professional. Vehicle purchases are increasingly being made online, and most of the acquisition is far from home.

 Secondly, vehicle transfers are becoming more and more frequent between professionals due to the phenomenon of long-term leasing, which induces thousands of vehicle movements each day with contracts of 24 or 36 months and, in turn, a market for cars.

How Do You Proceed To Have Your Vehicle Transported

Several solutions are available to you if you wish to transport your vehicle. You can do this on your own or use professional transportation services such as towing truck (รถลากจูง which is the term in Thai), conveying, transport by truck.

Vehicle Towing

This type of transport is suitable for short distances and low speed.

 Indeed, to tow a vehicle must take into account some elements:

  • Use a certified pull bar
  • To be accompanied by a driver in the towed vehicle
  • Ride at maximum 50 km / h and use only the secondary axes
  • Provide a towing vehicle heavier than the towed vehicle
  • Use warnings, be careful, adopt a smooth ride, and respect the rules of the road

The towing vehicle is hazardous, should be limited to transfers short and be done by professionals.

Carry A Vehicle On A Platter

This option is suitable for transporting your vehicle over long distances safely. You can choose to have your vehicle transported on a tarpaulin truck, preferably to protect the body during transport. In addition, in case of breakdown, these flatbed trucks are generally equipped with winches to raise and stabilize the car.

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