What do you have to study to be a Nursing Assistant?


There are usually confusions about the competencies and studies of two complementary profiles, such as the nurse and the Nursing Assistant , so we are going to dispel all the doubts that remain about studying nursing .

What Do You Have To Study To Be a Nursing Assistant?

To start taking the first steps in this profession, it is necessary to enroll in nursing assistant 6 month course (this is the term in Thai สมัคร เรียน ผู้ ช่วย พยาบาล). The most important thing when choosing, is to make sure that the course is approved and that an official title is delivered. This title allows to appear to the oppositions that regulate the access to the squares in case of public institutions or the selective tests for the private companies. Who can access this training? All those who have a secondary education degree or equivalent, such as the Unified Multipurpose Baccalaureate (BUP), or the approval of the tests to access the intermediate level training cycle.

The functions Of The Nursing Assistant

A Nursing Assistant takes care of auxiliary care tasks for the patient and depends directly on the nurse . An important reference in this regard may be the Non-Optional Health Personnel Statute of Social Security, which summarizes the functions that are:

Preparation of beds for the sick

Distribution and service of the main meals of the day

Cleaning and grooming of patients, in the required situations

Medication Administration

Collection of thermometric, symptomatic data with attention to spontaneous manifestations of patients

Collaboration with laundry services and tasks related to the classification and arrangement of lingerie and clothing

Collection, cleaning and arrangement of instrumental material of different types

Help the sick in movements and displacements, as well as facilitating transfers on stretchers

Attention to patients in a state of pregnancy, including in the process of childbirth

Nurse’s profile

Choosing a profession such as nursing assistant has to be something vocational since a series of special human qualities are needed:

A lot of patience in the first place, good attitude to listen to others and the right dose of empathy.

Having communication skills can be very important at times when you have to deal with the sick in various situations.

The ability to work in a team is essential, while a discreet strength, agility and resistance to stress are the physical qualities that should not be lacking. Enroll for nursing assistant(this is the term in thai เรียน ผู้ ช่วย พยาบาล 6 เดือน) to be able to learn all the necessary things you need to learn

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