What Does Getting Dental Implants Involve?


Dental implants are permanent replacements for your natural teeth. While the idea of replacing your teeth may sound scary and painful, it is actually a simple procedure that is done in the doctor’s office. There are several different types of dental implant options like ceramic or titanium. Before you go ahead with any dental implant, you should know what getting one entails and how long it will take to heal.

Your first step is to visit a Coconut Creek implant dentist. They will tell you to have x-rays taken and have blood tests completed before the actual procedure takes place. This way, the dentist can see what the condition of your gums is before actually placing an implant in your jawbone.

Using a local anesthetic, the dentist will place the dental implant in the jawbone. Most patients feel no pain during this procedure. Once the area is numbed, your dentist will make an incision in the gum and place the implant. After doing this, your gums should heal in one to two months. Your next step is to have your teeth attached to it. This may take anywhere from two weeks to six months depending on how long you waited before getting your teeth attached.

How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants?

You need to have your implants cleaned twice a week for the first two weeks. The dentist will use a special mouthwash and a soft toothbrush to clean your implant. After that, the frequency of your cleaning will depend on how clean you do it yourself. Most patients take care of their dental implants by brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing at least once each day.

Dental implants offer you a new and improved smile that is stronger than the one you were born with. This type of restoration not only looks good, but it also helps you eat and speak well. You will no longer have to worry about bad breath and broken teeth. 

These implants also don’t demand much maintenance. You will simply need to brush your teeth as you would normally. However, you will also have to be careful about what you eat since eating too many sweets can damage your implant. Sugar is the main ingredient of most chewing gums and candies, which can cause a lot of hardening and damage to your implants. In addition, to help you keep your implants healthy, it is advisable to avoid eating ice or anything that contains sugar.

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