Frequent Power Outages? Things to Keep Handy

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Even in areas where the weather is mild, power outages are a fact of life. Whether caused by storms or ice, we want to make sure you’re prepared for them.

The first thing to do is make a list of what you need most in an emergency. Those things should be at the top of your list when it comes to stocking up on supplies. Here are some ideas:

Water – In case the water supply gets cut off, it’s good to have bottled water on hand as well as water purification tablets (if necessary).

Food – Make sure you have some canned foods and non-perishable snacks that won’t spoil if there’s no power available for refrigeration. If you don’t already have them, get some basic cooking gear like a camp stove and pots and pans so you can cook over an open fire if necessary.

First aid kit – Make sure it has enough supplies for basic injuries such as cuts, burns or sprains. You may also want to consider adding items like snake bite kits or tick removal tools if you live in an area where those are common issues during summer months (or all year round).

Battery backup or surge protector – If you already have one of these devices, plug it into an outlet, then connect your computer to it. If not, buy one as soon as possible.

A flashlight and/or lantern with extra batteries – This is a must-have in any emergency kit, but it’s especially important if your home doesn’t have much natural light during the day. You’ll want to make sure your flashlight works before an outage hits so that it’s ready for use when the time comes.

A battery-powered radio or TV with extra batteries – If you don’t already own one of these devices, you can find them at most electronics stores or online retailers like Amazon. That way, if there is no power where you live, at least you’ll be able to listen to news updates on the radio or watch television until service is restored — or until another form of entertainment becomes available (like playing cards).

A portable solar panel charger that charges USB devices and AA batteries; this will keep your phone charged during an extended outage so you can call for help if necessary.

Candles and matches – Candles provide light without using electricity, which means they can be used even when the power goes out for hours or days at a time. Make sure there are no open flames near anything flammable like curtains or furniture that could catch fire easily if exposed to heat from candles or space heaters (which we’ll talk about next).

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