Should You Consider Clear Aligners? Find Out Here


If you have crowded or misaligned teeth, you may need to see an orthodontist to fix your smile. There are various teeth-straightening treatments available today, and you may have come across people who have metal braces. While metal braces are still in use and promise great results, patients often show interest in clear aligners, which don’t look as bad. If you are looking for affordable clear aligners Fort Lauderdale, here’s what you need to know. 

Metal braces vs. clear aligners

Metal braces are made of brackets that are connected by wires, which help get the teeth in line. On the contrary, clear aligners, also called invisible aligners, are custom-made mouthpieces that fit the teeth like mouthguards. There are many brands that make these clear aligners, including Invisalign and Clear Correct. Many orthodontists often recommend braces for older adults for better results. 

Aligners have a few advantages that are hard to ignore too. Since clear aligners can be removed while eating or brushing, keeping up with oral hygiene is easier. Because there are no wires, you don’t have to worry about repairs or emergency visits to fix your aligners, which is a genuine concern with metal brackets. Since clear aligners are “invisible”, you don’t have to worry about additional concerns either. 

Can anyone get clear orthodontic aligners?

Your dentist or orthodontist is the best person to answer that. In general, clear orthodontic aligners are best suited for teens and younger adults who have mild to moderately-crowded teeth. If you have a severe underbite or crossbite, you may still need metal braces. 

Should you buy clear aligners online?

Today, you can find clear orthodontic aligners online, but that may not work like customized trays ordered by your dentist after taking impressions of your bite. It often takes many sittings to get the adjustment right for clear aligners, which is precisely why online ones may not work as effectively. 

How quickly can you expect results with clear aligners?

It depends on your teeth. If your dentist believes that your teeth are more crooked, you may have to wear your clear aligners for as long as two years. At the least, you may have to wear the trays for six months or more. 

If you had used metal braces as a child, you might get quicker and better results with clear aligners. Your dentist will do an oral exam to determine whether you can benefit from using these aligners. 

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