Easier to beat an online or traditional casino? 


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Once upon a time there was only one way to gamble at a casino, and if you couldn’t do this you simply would not have been able to gamble at all. Imagine that: not being able to engage in a spot of gambling whenever you feel like it, it is so far removed from the world of online casino such as Slotzo today. Nonetheless, people used to do all their gambling in traditional casinos, and many still do so today. 

Above all else you can gain a sense of nostalgia from going to traditional casinos, and this particularly attracts the older generation who grew up with things like classic slots and Blackjack with a real human dealer. And there is also another fact that keeps gamblers going back to traditional casinos – it is easier to beat a traditional casino than an online one. Although there is also every possibility that this is a myth… Read ahead to find out the real answer. 

Perks of the traditional casino 

First of all, it is very important to realise how crucial the difference is between a traditional casino and online casino, especially where the games that require a dealer are concerned. A traditional casino is inherently more human and natural in this respect, something that can also make it easier to beat a traditional casino. There is much more capacity for human error when playing the dealer, for example, 

If you want to employ strategies like counting cards during Blackjack you will also much prefer a traditional casino, as there are no Random Number Generators to keep shuffling a deck of cards. Elsewhere during Roulette it is possible to detect tiny defects on the Roulette wheel that can make some numbers more prone to be hit than others, something you just cannot do online. 

Perks of the online casino 

There are many perks for gambling in a traditional casino, especially if you want to beat the house, but that is not to say that online casinos are difficult to beat either, it just requires a slightly different type of method. Unfortunately many of the original gambling tactics don’t really work online, the main one being Blackjack card counting. Therefore we have to adapt. 

The very best online casino players use all the extra information available to them to try and beat the casino; you don’t get RTP (Return To Player) in traditional land-based slots, for example, but you can with online slots, and this can really influence your choice of game. There are also a wealth of online casino bonus offers to take advantage these days, with a large amount of cash back on offer in many cases. 

The verdict 

So then, what’s the verdict on the question: easier to beat an online or traditional casino? Well, it all depends on exactly how you want to go beating the casino. If you mean it in the traditional card counting way you have to go to a traditional casino. However, if you want to be more modern about it and get the final prize through things like casino offers online casino is the way forwards.  

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