Common Sports Injuries You May Need To Know


Common Sports Injuries - Acute and Chronic |

While every person can get hurt while playing sports, there are some common sports injuries that you should be aware of. The sooner you seek medical attention for an injury, the better your chances of full recovery. These injuries can affect any person of any age or gender. In this article, we will cover Runner’s knee, Golfer’s elbow, Shin splints, and Hip flexor injury.

Runner’s knee

Runner’s knee occurs due to repeated stress or overuse of the knee. It can also occur as a result of changes in physical activity or training practices. Other causes include improper running shoes or feet and direct trauma to the kneecap. The pain from runner’s knee can be severe enough to limit daily activities. However, you can take steps to prevent it from occurring by practicing proper stretching and strengthening exercises.

Golfer’s elbow

Treatment for golfer’s elbow is generally conservative, consisting of a course of anti-inflammatory medication and strength-building exercises. Your doctor may also recommend an elbow brace to stabilize the joint and prevent excess movement while the tendon heals. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, you may also be prescribed steroid injections to ease inflammation. An intra-articular cortisone injection can help quickly reduce the inflammation and reduce pain.

Shin splints

There are several treatments for shin splints, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), stretching, and icing. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can help reduce pain and swelling, while icing helps prevent further swelling, according to injury attorneys in Prescott, AZ. Physical therapists can develop a treatment program tailored to the injured area, including rehabilitation exercises. They can also help guide the patient in resuming activity and assess for any stress fractures that may be present.

Hip flexor injury

This common injury can occur during sports activity. The hip flexors extend and flex and are often affected when a person performs an activity that requires prolonged flexion. There are several methods of treatment available to relieve symptoms. A conservative approach involves activity modification, physical therapy, and stretching routines. In some cases, injection therapy with corticosteroids may be prescribed. This type of treatment has been used successfully in some cases, but the evidence is still limited.

Shoulder injury

Sports injuries to the shoulder are among the most common types of injuries, and should always be evaluated as soon as possible. A shoulder injury can occur from a number of different causes, including a fall or overworking the muscles. A serious strain, called a biceps pulley lesion, can cause the muscle to tear away from the arm bones and tendon. In addition, a shoulder injury can also result in bruising and swelling. To prevent this type of injury, exercise and proper stretching are essential for maintaining good shoulder health.

ACL tear

An ACL tear occurs when the ACL is torn. It is a common sports injury and can temporarily keep an individual from working or participating in sports. Treatment can range from rest, ice, and crutches to surgery or physical therapy. Regardless of treatment, it’s important to listen to your healthcare provider and commit to the recommended therapy plan.

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