Diana Wilsher at Metro Vein Centers – How To Promote Vein Health


Our veins are a crucial part of our body and people tend to forget that these need attending to as well. As we grow older, our veins become more prone to health conditions that would hinder us from living an enjoyable life well into our golden years. Caring for our veins is easy but if we really want to keep these things in check at all times, then it is a must for us to visit specialists.

Metro Vein’s Dr. Diana Wilsher, D.O., is just one of the many great vein specialists currently. She is a board-certified Family Medicine physician who has been practicing in the field for 18 years. Aside from this, Dr. Wilsher has also received certification from the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. She has devoted six years of her career on becoming an expert in the treatment of venous insufficiency.

She’s also a member of relevant organizations such as the American Osteopathic Association, American Medical Association and American College of Phlebology. With such big accolades under her name, it’s not surprising that Dr. Wilsher that thousands of Metro Vein patients from West Bloomfield and Dearborn have trusted her.

As much as we’d want to experts like Dr. Wilsher aren’t always there at our sides to keep our veins in check. However, there are ways to maintain good vein health on our own.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is an important part of vein health. The logic is simple. When we are more hydrated, our blood gets thinner and it flows through our veins a lot easier. If we are dehydrated, on the other hand, our blood gets thicker and this can cause vein insufficiency problems and other conditions we may want to avoid. The usual eight glasses of water a day is enough to keep the blood flowing properly.

Keep The Blood Pumping

Most people that have vein issues are those that don’t live an active lifestyle. It may be because their job keeps them behind the desk for several hours a day. Even if that is the case, we must make sure to keep the blood pumping. Simple exercises like walking and a few squats will promote vein health. Ideally, we may want to take a short “exercise break” every few hours or so.

Compress Some Areas Of The Body

People with vein insufficiency issues find it hard to maintain regular and healthy blood flow. This is a condition that we can inherit but it is caused by other factors as well. Regardless of what causes it, vein insufficiency issues can be remediated by wearing tight-fitting items such as compression socks. By adding a small amount of compression on our muscles, we are able to direct the blood flow from our feet and into our heart.

Seek Help Immediately

The thing about vein issues is that problems don’t instantly take its effect on our bodies. Our bodies will give off warning signs that tell us something is definitely wrong with our veins. When sudden aches and soreness begin, it is a must for us to consult a specialist immediately. Ideally, we want to head to a vein center.

Metro Vein Centers is one of the leading facilities when it comes to vein health. It has helped millions of patients having vein issues at its twelve offices in Texas, New Jersey, New York, and Michigan. As the certified leader in the diagnosis and treatment of vein issues, Metro Vein Centers have the best specialists and the most advanced medical technologies under its roof. By seeking help from such specialists immediately, we can avoid heavier health complications in the future.

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