Places to see in Jordan: Insights for Jordan Private Tours


Jordan is a city of a dream for those who want to see the biblical infusions in existence. Fewer people know that Jordan has a lot of Biblical sites, including the Jordan River that I believed to be the place where John the Baptist baptized Jesus. There are the sinful cities of Gomorrah and Sodom, and there is Mount Nebo in Jordan as well where Mosses died. So if these things evoke interest in your heart and mind, then you should surely try searching for Jordan Private Toursin your proximity.

What are the prime attractions?

To be specific, there are many. If you are more of an adventurous person then there is this horseback riding and other features, if you are a religious person, then there are sacred temples and dreadful tombs and a lot to explore and gaze at. And if you are a Hollywood freak, then Petra can be a great destination to cherish the memories of Indiana Jones.

Every inch of Jordan trip can be fascinating enough to take you into a completely different world. But to be specific here are some of the most astounding places mentioned below:


This ancient place needs no introduction. Known as the Rose City, Petra can have some of the most delightful sights to see at the sunrise, sunset and turn into a starry affair at nights sometimes. Did you visit the place yet?


If you love Roman ruins, then you surely love Jerash. This place can be classified as one of the most well-preserved sites of Roman architecture Italy that has been breathing since 6500 years. Visit Jerash, and you can surely relive Rome’s ancient trade route.

Dead Sea

The water in this sea is known to be a healer and rumors say that you can float here. Rub the mud of the Dead Sea on your skin, and it can be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Enjoy your day in the healing waters as you plan your trip to Jordan.

Wadi Rum

Well, this is an incredible mesmerizing desert valley that has towering cliffs, narrow gorges and some of the most beautiful stone arches. Take a horseback riding or simply take your photographer, and you can have some cool pictures for your social media handle.

Dana Nature Reserve

Leading to the heat of Africa, the Dana Biosphere Reserve is known to cut through the Rift Valley and is an appreciable hiking destination. The most interesting thing to see here is the stone village of Dana that lived prosperously in the 15th century. Book a trip, and you would surely love it.


Most of the times, Jordan Private tours can be expensive enough to burn a hole in your pocket. But it shouldn’t be the case because there are some reasonable packages as well that wont consumes all of your money and will give you an unmatched experience for your Jordan trip. Make sure that you choose the right one and you won’t regret a single penny that you invest in your Jordan Trip.

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