4 Tips to Help You Install Composite Decking Faster

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Decking building is a short process. Outdoor decking does not have to take a lot of time because there are various ways to make decking installation easier. Many contractors of composite decking need to know how to efficiently optimize the job-site time. We are going to look at six ways that they can get more projects on composite decks completed.

Install Composite-Decking That Is Capped

Composite decking is a sure way for builders to complete jobs faster because once the deck and the structural framing are attached, the majority of the work is complete. You can then spend more time on staining and sanding. Crew members can walk along the deck surface easily without any concern of damage because of the hard-exterior part of the capped composites. Some decking suppliers use composite deck boards that have a wrap of a protective film. Once the last decking is installed, the film is removed to reveal the beauty of the surface.

Avoid Using Picture Framing and Use Colour Matched End Caps

The picture frame has been used over the years by homeowners because there was no alternative. This idea required contractors to install extra supports and joists to hide the ends of the structure. Although picture framing works, the perimeter around the deck is costly and time-consuming. Today, there are colour-matched end caps that easily attach to the cut-ends of the deck panels. This input allows for an efficient framing system.

Hidden Fastening System is a Better Option

It takes time to attach plugs to cover the screw heads of fasteners. Using a hidden fastening system will result in a clean and uniformed surface which will allow deck builders to finish the process faster. Additionally, there are hidden fastening systems that save time when decking. For instances, there are systems that have a step-clip system that attaches the board to the framing joist easily, and also provides for a uniform space between the deck boards.

Use Pre-Cut and Custom Sized Boards for Big Projects

In contemporary decking, measuring twice and cutting once s the rule of the craftsmen. This process is time-consuming because you have to measure and cut the boards. Alternatively, you can partner with a trusted manufacturer and supplier who can measure and supply the boards for you. This is an important step if you plan to install large decking faster. You will also realise that you can even build several decks in a very short time.


If you are decking in an area with short seasons, you need to find and incorporate new methods to save time. I hope that these tips will help you install garden decking easily and faster.

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