Wisdom TeethRemoval in Singapore


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Getting your wisdom teeth removed in Singapore? For many of us, getting our wisdom teeth removed might be a first, that’s why there are still many questions pertaining to wisdom teeth removal, even though it is one of the most common dental procedures in Singapore. So let’s take a look at some of the frequent questions that many ask when they are going for wisdom teeth removal in Singapore! Hopefully this will help you to better understand of wisdom teeth removal procedure in Singapore.

What is the cost of having wisdom teeth removed in Singapore?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Singapore depends on the complexity of your case. If you are going for a simple wisdom tooth extraction, the cost will be at least around $130 for each tooth. However, if your removal requires you to do a surgical extraction, then it will cost at least around $550 for each tooth. For super extreme cases, you might have to do a complex surgery that might be at least around $1300 for each tooth. You will most likely be able to claim your Medisave, although perhaps only partial and not for the full procedure. Double check your insurance policies and ask around clinics to find the best payment package that you can find.

What are some of the tips to find a good dentist in Singapore?

Here are some things you can do to find a good dentist in Singapore:

  • Ask around your family and friends if they have any recommendations for a dentist.
  • Check for online reviews or discussion forums.
  • Check the services that the dentist’s practice or the clinic are offering.
  • Find out about their costs and whether they are suitable to your budgets

How pain full is wisdom tooth removal pain?

A wisdom tooth removal isn’t as scary or painful as many people think. During the procedure, you will be given anaesthesia so that you won’t feel anything from beginning to end. Your dentist will give you an injection around the area where your wisdom teeth will be removed and then you will feel numb. It will feel a little funny because you really can’t feel anything in one side of your mouth and jaw, but that will help you go through the procedure without pain.

Later on after the procedure and once the an aesthesia wears off, it will feel a little painful as you are now in the recovery process. For some people, it will feel like having a bad headache. For some people it doesn’t feel that bad and it just feels like having bitten the area around where the wisdom tooth was removed. It’s different from one person to another. You will feel that the area where the tooth was removed is a little tender and weird, but that’s okay because it will heal and close up.

How long should wisdom tooth pain last after removal?

On average, people experience pain and discomfort around 3 days after their wisdom teeth removal. Some people experience pain until about a week after their removal. This all depends on the complexity of the wisdom teeth removal, and also on each person’s response in the healing process. If you want to speed up the recovery, make sure you maintain your oral hygiene, pay attention to what you are eating, consume all the medications as prescribed by your dentist, and follow all your dentist’s guidelines.

What does wisdom teeth pain feel like?

Usually wisdom teeth pain will feel like someone is constantly pinching the area where your wisdom teeth were growing or are now removed. Sometimes it can also grow into a headache. Your jaw will feel tensed and pressured if you have crooked wisdom teeth. This is very different for each person because it all depends on the way your wisdom teeth are growing. There are also cases where the wisdom teeth don’t directly cause the pain in the jaw itself, but rather in the surrounding gum. 


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