Why You Need a Modular Safe Room in Texas

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Do You Live In The Tornado Alley?

If you live in the “Tornado Alley”, you know already that you need a place to take yourself, family, and friends to, when a giant storm is nearby. Tornados strike without warning and are extremely dangerous. Where exactly is Tornado Alley? It is described as being in the Southern Plains of the United States, generally from Central Texas to Northern Iowa, and from central Kansas, Nebraska East, to Western Ohio. 

However, there can be instances of violent Tornadoes, just outside of these areas. This is all due to the jet stream during early Spring to Fall. So if you live in these general areas, it is a good idea to have a modular safe room.

What is a modular safe room? These are rooms of different shapes that are made of steel and can withstand winds of an F5 tornado, which can be 260 MPH. It is said that you should have one made that will fit the number of people that you want to be covered. One person is 3ft, for standing, and 6 feet for sitting. So take the number of people, and multiply that by 3 or 6 depending on the comfort zone you are seeking. AS a side note, these rooms can also be used for safety against would-be intruders. Lock yourself up, while the intruders are there until they leave.

Texas is the highest-ranking, when it comes to how many tornadoes hit it each year, followed closely by Kansas. So, should you get a Modular safe room Texas? I would have to say yes, even if you are located outside the zone. Hurricanes hit Texas too, near the Gulf. If you have a fear of being underground, don’t worry, you can get them installed in any room of the house, preferably ground level. They fit in closets or in another room. Just make sure to have easy access to them.

It is recommended to get above ground Modular safe rooms in Texas, rather than underground. This is due to the fact that some areas of Texas are not that high above sea level, and too much rain could lead to drowning in an underground shelter. The other reason is if you do get hit by an F5, which destroys the home, the debris will leave you trapped, and therefore eventually lose air. if not rescued soon enough. These are freak circumstances, so the choice is yours.
There are arguments about the costs of having a safe room installed. People may think, we will never get hit, and it costs too much. However you should think, how much is it worth to know your family will be safe, in the event of something tragic? There are FEMA rebates to file, to cut the price of a safe room. You just have to fill out a few papers, get them signed, and send them in. Still worried about the cost? Realtors say that it increases the value of your home, as well as the desire for a home with one already installed.

Feeling a little claustrophobic about being trapped in a steel box? No need to worry, there is ample ventilation for everyone while you wait out the storm. Another feature is, the door opens inwards. Why? Do you say? This is because, if there is debris surrounding the box, you will be able to open your door and make your way out. If it opened outward it would be much more difficult to push against the debris. Do yourself and family a favor, check into getting a saferoom installed right away.

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