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Like humans, animals need to adapt to the environment in which they live. A dog constantly puts into practice his natural instincts: survival, hunting, defense. As a pet, it is important to teach him how to manage these natural aspects for his own good and that of his environment. Effective education is the key to socialization, movement control and the welfare of the animal. It must begin at an early age. It is then easier for him to assimilate and he will adopt this way of life, as if it were his true nature. It is clear that this is not to hurt our companion, but to teach him to live better. For fencing for a kennel this is the best deal now.

The Right Education

The fencing Canine education differs according to the character of the master, the environment in which he lives with his animal, the personal character and the character of the breed of the dog. A dog living in an apartment will not stand up in the same way as a dog with its own doghouse in the garden. 

It is the same for the people who live with him: are there children or not, disabled, etc.?

With regard to race, some are more obedient in nature. This is the case of the German Shepherd, Poodle, Labrador or Golden Retriever. The bulldog, the Pekingese or the Hungarian shepherd as for them are difficult to train, they have trouble to obey. And then, some dogs are personally docile and others are not. In this process, some people use professionals or integrate specialized groups to help them. Some opt for electronic devices when they want to speed up the process or the animal persists in bad habits. No solution is bad, the important thing is to ensure the well-being of the dog and to maintain your relationship with it.

Finer Limits

Among these bad habits are repeated dog fugues. But why are they running away? 

What is certain is that it is not a puberty crisis, as with teens. Several factors must be explored in order to discover precisely the causes of repetitive fugues of his canine companion. In general, this refers to his primary instincts: survival, hunting, defense. 

A running dog usually feels a lack. It can be food, affection, entertainment or even sex. You must try to understand your dog to detect the problem. This is why it is important to train your dog, to avoid or remedy his repetitive fugues. Along the way, an accident could arise, he could face a more aggressive animal than him, etc. Protecting your dog is also anticipating all that. The anti-fugue collars and fences are the latest solutions proposed to help each owner in this process.

The best anti-fugue necklaces / fences on the market

Whether wireless or wireless, these devices are a simple and effective way to combat your dog’s breakouts. Of course, this is only the top 5 products in this category. Other anti-fugue systems are presented in our “Tests & Reviews” section. 


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