Why Insurance Adjusters are Not Your Friends When You File a Car Accident Claim


After a car accident that resulted from the negligence of another driver, one of the most important things you must do is to notify this driver’s insurer of your accident and intention to file a claim. Once notified, the insurance company will soon send out a claims adjuster to communicate with you and make a settlement offer. Although the adjuster may seem friendly at first and concerned about your interest, you will soon discover their true intention. They can become dismissive of your injury claim and try to blame you for the crash. 

As with other companies, insurance providers are concerned about their bottom line. So, they want to resolve your claim as quickly as possible by making a settlement offer that is usually less than the value of your claim. Because of the convincing tactics the adjuster may use, it is best to let your boise idaho auto accident lawyer deal with them. 

Reasons Insurance Adjusters Will Not Help

Following a devastating vehicle accident, you may want to recover from your injuries as quickly as possible and build your life. This is possible by getting prompt medical treatment, vehicle repairs, and compensation for the income you were not able to earn because of your injuries, and other damages. You think that the insurance company of the at-fault party should meet such needs. Sadly, the company thinks of your claim differently. It is common for an insurer to argue that only pay valid injury claims, so they often approach car accidents with skepticism. This is the reason an insurance adjuster may not see you as an accident survivor who needs help. Rather, they see you as a claimant who is trying to make money from their company. 

How Insurance Adjusters Handle Accident or Injury Claims

Whenever a claims adjuster makes decisions when handling claims, they focus on their value. These number crunchers will weigh costs and look for ways to save the company they are working for some money. During a case evaluation, the adjuster may think about factors such as how strong your claim is, the potential of your case to go to trial, the cost of a trial, your maximum possible compensation, and the chances of you accepting their lowball settlement offer. 

Analyzing the risks is important in all stages of your car accident claim; however, it is especially necessary when negotiating a settlement. If negotiations fail, your case may go to trial. When this happens, a judge or jury will decide whether or not to reward you with the compensation you requested. 

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