Reasons to Visit an OB/GYN


A visit to an OB/GYN is necessary for all women, but there are specific reasons why each woman may need this type of medical service. A single visit to a doctor can save doctors and nurses time and money down the line if one does not come back with a new problem. Many types of issues can arise for women and their bodies, but the most common reasons a woman may need to visit an OB/GYN are pregnancy or menstrual cycle issues. Are you looking for more reasons to schedule an appointment with Richard Strathmann OBGYN? You have come to the right place. Here are key reasons you should see your OB/GYN.

Overall Health

One of the most important reasons to see an OB/GYN doctor is your overall health. You want to make sure that you are taking good care of yourself to have a long and healthy life. Since an OB/GYN specializes in women’s reproductive systems, they know what areas to look for.

Pregnancy Issues

If you are looking to have a baby or are pregnant, you must see an OB/GYN right away. The OB/GYN can determine if there will be any issues with the pregnancy and what needs to be done to ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Menstrual Issues

It is extremely common for women to experience issues with their menstrual cycle. This is typical because the reproductive organs shift and change to accommodate a growing baby or minor weight changes. In addition, many women have hormonal imbalance problems that can cause severe pain and discomfort. If you have been having issues with your period, you must see an OB/GYN right away to monitor these changes in your body.

Menopause Issues

Menopause often comes with hot flashes, night sweats, and shorter tempers. These symptoms can be difficult for women to deal with as they try to carry on their daily lives. That is why it is essential to see an OB/GYN so these issues can be monitored and treated accordingly to ensure the best quality of life possible. They can recommend various treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and other methods to help you through menopause.

Breast Exams

All women must have regular breast exams. This helps the OB/GYN monitor any changes with your breasts so they can catch cancer or other issues before it’s too late. Breast cancer is prevalent, but it is also highly treatable if caught early on.

STD Testing

Another critical service that your OB/GYN can provide is STD testing. Sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts, herpes, and chlamydia are widespread in the United States and often cause symptoms without women even knowing they have an infection. If you’ve been having unprotected sex, it is essential to see a doctor right away so you can get tested and eliminate most of the risks.

To summarize, regular visits to an OB/GYN play an essential role in any woman’s health. You may need to see one for STD testing, breast exams, menopause, and menstrual issues. Pregnancy and overall health matters are also common reasons for OB/GYN visits.

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