How to Avoid Stressing Your Skin Before a Chemical Peel


Minor imperfections like facial scars, fine lines, and wrinkles can be eliminated through a chemical peel. Experts like Ian Walker MD offer an effective cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate your skin to attain a youthful appearance. The treatment involves peeling off your skin’s outer layer, paving the way for younger-looking skin with a glow to replace it. The procedure can be customized to target different depths of your skin based on your unique condition. If you are set for the treatment, you ought to avoid stress on your face, and here is how.

Keep Away from Any Other Chemical Peels

You might be used to making your chemical peels at home, or you might be adapted to a routine chemical peel regimen. If you seek expert chemical peels, you have to refrain from any other form of chemical peels for at least two weeks before your appointment. If you develop the need to seek the treatment, but you remember less than two weeks have passed since your last chemical peel, you have to wait for about fourteen days to check in with your doctor about the procedure.

Do Not Get Microdermabrasion Treatments

When dealing with skin imperfections, you must evaluate your options adequately to know what will deliver your desired results. This means that if you choose to get a chemical peel, be sure that it is most suited for your condition so that you will not need a mix-up of treatments. Keep in mind that microdermabrasion treatments work the same as chemical peels, only that they involve a gentle abrasive tool to remove the outer layer. This can compromise the results of a chemical peel, and you ought to refrain from such treatments for about fourteen days before your appointment.

Stay Away from Tanning Booths

When considering a chemical peel, understand that any form of tanning, including tanning booths with artificial UV radiations, can compromise your treatment. Tanning will cause more damage to your skin and might make your symptoms worse. Therefore, you must avoid tanning for about three weeks if you plan to get a chemical peel.

Reduce Your Sun Exposure

Exposure to direct sunlight is one of the causes of skin imperfections like fine lines and scars. To avoid artificial UV from tanning, ensure you limit your sun exposure for about ten days before your chemical peel. If you must spend some time in the sun for two to three weeks before your appointment, ensure you use protection and limit your outdoor time as much as possible. Also, it could help to schedule your chemical peel during the winter season when the sun’s UV rays are less intense.

Go Gentle on Your Skin

If you are set for a chemical peel, you will need to be gentle on your skin. You will have to refrain from stannous actions like waxing or hair removal through chemical depilatory. Additionally, you must avoid chemical injection treatments like collagen and Botox injections at least seven days before your chemical peel treatment.

Avoiding stress on your skin before a chemical peel is one of the best ways to prepare for your treatment to improve the results. Reach out to Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics if you are ready to get a chemical peel to learn how to get prepared for your treatment. 

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