It Is Important To Find Out The Different Types Of Bonds

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Most people have an idea that bails are always associated with a cash amount that is paid to the court. However, the types as well as the process involve much more than that especially when the amount of bail is significantly large. When you research about these bails to find out its types and process you will see that there is a wide variety of bails in any state or jurisdiction. Cash bond is one that is issued when the police do not release the accused with a simple citation. Someone else can even pay the amount if the defendant does not have the money to pay.

Own or personal recognizances bond

A defendant in custody may sometimes be ordered to be released from the jail if the defendant can provide his or her own recognizances or on personal recognizances bond. These bonds are more commonly known as the OR bonds or the PR bonds in the criminal justice system. These bonds are very much similar to the citation and release bond with the only difference that it can only come into effect once the court holds a hearing for the bail. In case the court allows the defendant such bails, the defendant is released on condition that he or she will reappear in the court when called for. It is also required by the defendant to comply with any other conditions imposed by the court for the bail.

Unsecured and secured bond

Unsecured bonds are also called the signature bond that is issued after court hearing. This does not require any amount to be paid by the defendant for a release but must sign an agreement to surrender the bail amount if he or she does not appear at court when required. Secured or property bond is that in which a property of the equal amount of the bond is given to the court.

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