How To Have The Iphone Face ID On Any Android Phone


Face ID is one of the great novelties of the year from Apple. The new Cupertino phone is committed to facial recognition instead of the fingerprint reader that we were used to. Although it is a feature that we only find on Apple’s phone, we can also use it on any Android mobile. We tell you how.

How To Have Face ID

Facial recognition has become one of the trends of the year and other manufacturers such as unlock Huawei, for example, are already working to follow in Apple’s footsteps. OnePlus has also done it on their OnePlus 5T, for example. But the facial recognition technology is not new, and it was already present in the Android Smart Lock although almost nobody knew of its existence or almost no one used it.

If you want, you can have facial recognition on your Android mobile phone as long as you have a version of the operating system equal to or greater than Android 5.0. You have to follow a few simple steps, and you will have on your phone system release facial as if you had one OnePlus 5T or iPhone X.

In Settings> Security> Smart Lock, you can find the Android facial recognition system and to access you will have to enter the unlock pattern or the pin you want to have or that you already have. Once entered, download Xposed (from this link you can do it) and install the module called InstantFaceUnlock for Xposed. From the XPposed downloads section, access the applications module. If you have installed the module correctly, it will appear in this section, and it will only be necessary to select it.

Now, everything is ready, and you can configure facial recognition from there so that your face Unlock Lg Stylo 5 faster and without having to scroll up the home screen. You will not have an iPhone X or OnePlus 5T, but you can boast that you can also use your face to access the data on your mobile phone.

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