Boilers: Uses and Size


A boiler is considered as one of the thermal electronic devices, which is usually used for boiling or heating water. The first and most important benefit of this device is the portability which means you can easily carry this device anywhere be can use it by just plugging it in the switch. The vapors help the boiler to make the water warm and start the process of boiling. Some of the other processes that could be done in a water boiler are cooking, sanitation, boiler-based power generation, water heating, and central heating.

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Use of Boilers in factory

In most the factories, boiler used by them is usually run with coal and oils. The reason behind the use of these fossil fuels is they want the heat to be produced in abundant quantity and from electricity, they cannot do so. Moreover, it will cost them high as compared to coal and oils.

Some of the companies also are the byproduct to produce the heat for the boiler and with the byproduct; they will generate a coke battery in which carbon mono oxide is stored. Along with these ways, another way used by the factories are by using bagasse, which is a natural product and can be available in abundance in nature.

The boilers are also categorized on the basis of their size and boiling capacity like the boilers used in nuclear power plants are known as stream generators and they use the process of nuclear fission for boiling. While a boiler, which uses the hot gases, present in it to produce the boiling in a huge amount is called a heat recovery steam generator or recovery boiler.

The best function you will get after the Boiler install is that they will use the steam to produce boiling which means there is no role of any fossil fuel in this process.  The term used for these types of boilers is combined cycles. In these types of boilers, a turbine and boiler both were used.

Some of the materials that used for making the boilers are the pressure vessel is usually made up of steel and in most of the cases, it is made up of wrought iron. Moreover, in the austenitic type of boilers stainless steel would be used for making different parts of the boiler. The main reason behind using stainless steel is to protect the parts from corrosion and rusting.

Along with it, ferrite stainless steel would be used so that the skin of the boiler would not be exposed after the water inside it is boiling. For managing the pressure in the boilers, most of the big firms use the pressure optimizers so that the body of the boiler will not be spoiled out.


With the final words, we conclude that here we have discussed different types of boilers. However, if you are looking for boilers then you can buy boilers online and used them in your homes. However, before using them you need to understand some of the important things that are mentioned above.

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