Here’s the Secret to Youthful-Looking Skin


Sadly, one of the most complex parts of aging is looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing sunken cheeks and a wrinkled face. Finding a top-line anti-aging procedure is an uphill task. There are numerous creams and ‘magic elixirs’ that promise to rejuvenate your skin but do not. If you are looking for facial rejuvenation with far less invasion and remarkable results, you will find Scottsdale mini face lift the go-to option. This article analyses what makes the mini facelift the secret to youthful-looking skin.

What is a mini facelift?

A mini facelift is a cosmetic procedure that employs smaller incisions than the conventional facelift to impart a youthful appearance on your skin. Mini facelift targets the middle to the lower region of the face, usually showing the first signs of aging.

Mini facelift or weekend procedure obtains its name due to minimal downtime and faster recovery. Rejuvenation experts customize mini facelifts to suit each skin type and impart vibrant skin.

What happens in a mini facelift procedure?

You will be glad to know the mini facelift procedure is an in-office procedure the cosmetic surgeon performs with the following simple steps:

Ø  Consultation

Once you book an appointment with our expert oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Dustin Heringer, MD, you will have a sit down with him and discuss your skin rejuvenation options. The surgeon will then review your medical history, take pictures of the face, and tailor a mini facelift that meets your skin goals. Dr. Heringer may also recommend some complimentary skin rejuvenation techniques.

Ø  Sedation

Contrary to widespread practice, cosmetic surgeons can use local anesthetic instead of general anesthesia to sedate a client. Some individuals have adverse reactions to general anesthesia, prompting local anesthetic usage.

Ø  Facelift

Dr. Heringer makes s-shaped incisions behind the ear to provide an avenue to extract excess skin tissue. The mini facelift procedure removes the skin laxity in the jaw and neck areas and restructures sagging cheeks. The process takes about 2-4 hours. However, the principal merit is that you can go home the same day. The small incisions ensure you regain your supple, radiant skin with no visible scarring.

Ø  Post OP care

After the procedure, the surgeon will issue directives you will follow to ensure the correct outcomes of the procedure. Postoperative care measures include:

  •         Wearing dressings
  •         Gently cleaning your face
  •         Taking pain relief medication
  •         Limiting physical activity

Dr. Heringer provides a more detailed description of the guidelines depending on the intended outcome and post-procedure assessment.

The recovery period is usually 1-3 weeks. Most patients fully recover after one week; however, you can remove the dressing the following day. After recovery, the results will last between 5-10 years, depending on your lifestyle and rate of aging.

Where to find mini facelift services?

If you want to regain attractive skin with half the hassle of a traditional facelift, then the mini facelift is for you. Contact Dr. Heringer and his Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery team for top-of-the-line skin rejuvenation techniques that guarantee a radiant appearance. Book the appointment now if you are ready to trade in skin laxity for a vibrant appearance.

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