Here’s Everything You Should Know about Pulmonology Care


Breathing difficulties are no laughing matter! They can greatly affect your everyday life and keep you off in the things you love engaging in. Have you been recently experiencing shortness of breath or trouble breathing? If so, you should see the certified pulmonology experts at Bridgewater Respacare. These professionals are well-versed in respiratory issues and any associated concerns and can provide you with the top-quality care you need. In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about a pulmonologist, ranging from what they do to the conditions they address and available care options. Read on to find out more.

What Is The Significance Of Pulmonology Care?

Pulmonology experts identify and assist patients with respiratory issues. The breathing difficulties may arise in either of the three primary areas of the respiratory system, including the lungs, airway, and breathing muscles.

Obstruction in any of these components could render breathing hard. Fortunately, pulmonologists have received specific training in respiratory disorders. A common cold, for instance, is typically a short-term respiratory problem that the body fixes without medical assistance.

Nonetheless, there are situations when a severe cough persists after the rest of the cold symptoms have subsided. In such cases, it could be signaling a respiratory infection, and patients must consult a pulmonologist for therapy.

What Conditions Do Pulmonologists Address?

Patients with respiratory problems may find relief with the help of a pulmonologist. Although they deal with a broad spectrum of illnesses, some of the most common conditions they look into include:

  •         Asthma
  •         Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  •         Pneumonia
  •         Cystic fibrosis
  •         Interstitial lung disease (ILD)
  •         Emphysema
  •         Lung cancer
  •         Tuberculosis

The common thread running through all of these ailments is that they all involve the lungs somehow. So, what factors increase your risk of developing these issues? Some common causal factors include smoking cigarettes, passive smoking, exposure to asbestos, radon, or other air pollution.

Prolonged exposure to these things may result in lung cancer or heart illness complications. After an assessment by your pulmonologist at Respacare, you could get a tailored care plan that best meets your unique needs.

What Treatments Does A Pulmonologist Offer?

Considering the vast nature of respiratory conditions and associated issues, pulmonologists provide a full scope of care options. Some of the standard diagnostic procedures and treatments you can expect at Respacare include:

  •         Computed Tomography Scan
  •         Ultrasounds
  •         Pulmonary Function Examination
  •         Pulse oximetry testing
  •         Pleural Biopsy
  •         Bronchoscopy
  •         Sleep study

Patients’ care plans are frequently created in collaboration with a primary care provider. Some tests are only used in specific circumstances. Sleep studies, for instance, are used to assist patients with sleep apnea, whereas chest x-rays are used to monitor lung and heart functioning. An x-ray could also be used in diagnosing lung infections and cancer.

When Should You Visit a Pulmonologist?

Although many individuals put off seeing a doctor, moving fast to get professional help when facing a respiratory problem is recommended. Some of the warning signs that you should visit a pulmonology expert include:

  •         Wheezing
  •         Breathing problems
  •         Chronic cough
  •         Regularly coughing mucus or blood
  •         Breathing problems when exercising
  •         Inexplicable weight loss

Do not allow respiratory issues and other associated concerns to take a toll on your health and general wellness when simple solutions are available that could handle your symptoms and provide you relief. Whether you have a respiratory condition, or sleep apnea, the trusted, certified pulmonary experts at Respacare can assist. Call the office or book an appointment online to explore the available care options and determine what best suits your unique concerns and wants.

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