Heart Health And Disease Concerns For Men


A lot of the healthcare education these days is directed toward women’s health issues, leaving some men to assume they don’t need to do anything to stay in good health. Unfortunately, the statistics around men’s health tend to show that men need to pay as much attention to their health as women.

There are around 155 million men in the US today and of these, 12% are considered in fair or poor health. Men are more susceptible to heart disease, lung cancer, and, of course, prostate cancer, among other conditions. Men have as much trouble controlling their weight as women and suffer from poor eating habits and a lack of proper exercise and nutrition.

Areas for Improvement in Men’s Health

Lack Of Physical Activity

Men still have a long way to go when it comes to getting enough exercise. Only about half of men over the age of 18 met federal physical activity requirements for aerobic activity through leisure activities. Men tend to have more active jobs, which add to their physical activity but many do not get enough true aerobic exercise for a sustained period, such as 30 minutes per day of sustained physical activity.

Excessive Alcohol Use

Men also have health issues related to alcohol use. In a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) poll, 31% of men over the age of 18 had at least five or more drinks in any given day in the past year. Some, of course, meet the requirements for alcoholism and can have health complications because of their drinking habits.


About 21% of men older than age, 18 are smokers. Smoking leads to risks of getting heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer, among others. Even bladder cancer is thought to be triggered by the toxins produced in cigarettes.


35% of men 20 years old or older are obese. Obesity is usually brought on by poor eating habits and a lack of exercise. Being obese means having a greater risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. Obesity can only be eliminated over a long period by adopting permanent changes in eating habits and exercise, some things that men tend to let lapse over time.

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