Enter the ring of smoke with the new and advanced novo 2 smok


To begin with, a novo 2 smok comes with mesh pod, two pods, LED indicator and 800mAH battery. The latest vape marvel in the circuit, it’s the upgraded version of the famous Novo. The draw-activated device is very advanced. The makers have optimized this one from each detail. Its built-in and strong 800 mAh battery assures a longer and smoother vaping time. They have newly added grooves of air-intake on both sides, which help you to bring in more air. The feature combines the kit with specially-designed and advanced pods.

More on the features

By dint of the specially-devised smok pods, you can produce purer taste and stunningly cloudy vapor. Also, the product carries a redesigned sensing tool or element, helping you to enjoy and relish every puff. This was something missing in the other renditions or even in its original product. The improved and stronger LED indicator clearly shows you the condition of the device in the most accurate manner. You will find how innovation can change the overall vaping experience. The kit comes with 20 new colors. These are 7 color cobra, Tiffany Blue Cobra, Gold Cobra, Black Cobra, Red Cobra, London Fashion, Black 7-color spray, Gold carbon fiber, blue carbon fiber, red carbon fiber, black fiber, and Tiffany Blue and Purple Red carbon fiber.

The other colors

Stabilizing wood is a very common feature of these novo kits. You have green, yellow, red, blue, purple, and black stabilizing wood. The 18-20 existing colors are also great. These include Gold shell, purple shell, blue shell, Tiffany blue shell, 7-shade shell, and brick red shell and vape. Some of the most popular market names are Enjoy, Keep Calm, and I love vaping. Red and yellow and yellow and purple are also very popular.

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