Characteristics of pure sine wave power inverter


Sine waves inverters are of high quality and are the best option to power up your home. Some devices of primary category that uses ac motors like refrigerator, microwave oven, compressor etc. run very efficiently on pure sine wave power inverter because if you don’t use this inverter for the above mentioned electronic appliances then their efficiency will reduce and excess heat may buildup which may damage the appliances. Pure sine wave enables the motors to load and start easily, and run smoothly because of reduced harmonics related to the shape of the sine wave. 

Almost all the ac appliances and equipments run on pure sine power inverter like laser printers, medical equipments, speed motors etc. These inverters are designed in such a way that they can protect even the most sensitive equipments.

Sunsine pure sine wave power inverter internal view


  1. Pure sine wave output: This type of inverter has strong capacity and load effect. The equipments can be loaded with inductive load or other general AC load. It maintains the performance of the equipment and increases it efficiency and does not affect the life of the load equipment. 
  2. High stability: It ensures system’s stability by protecting the improved function of over and under voltage, short circuit, over-heating etc. 
  3. Digital intelligent control: It transforms the structure of external circuit into a simple form. Its control method and strategy is more powerful thus it gives high stability in its performance. 
  4. Optional city electric switch: If battery fails while power switching function then it automatically

switches to city power supply that maintains the stability of the power supply.

There are many benefits to run the equipments on pure sine wave which includes:

  1. Equipments don’t generate loud noise that means there will be no hum in your sound system. 
  2. Equipments efficiency is increased so they stay for longer times.
  3. The appliance run very efficiently and smooth. 
  4. It enables motor to run at its intended speed which reduces the generating heat. 

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