Celebrities That Love Playing Bingo 


Celebs Who Love Playing Bingo – Lucky Pants Bingo

The appeal of free bingo games for cash is that it caters for all budgets and is a social game that can be enjoyed on a night out or online. It’s because of this that the game has a mass following. However, you may not be aware that bingo has not escaped the attention of celebrities and some big names from the entertainment world enjoy hearing their numbers being called out too. 

The A List 

Who can forget Russell Crowe’s superb performance in the box office smash hit Gladiator? The movie made historical sword and sandal epics fashionable once more. Released in 2000, it is considered a modern day classic and it helped Crowe bag an Oscar for his role as General Maximus Decimus Meridius. 

When this A-List Hollywood heavyweight isn’t conquering the movie world, he can be seen relaxing playing bingo. He has been spotted in bingo halls by surprised staff and customers and has expressed his love for the game in various interviews. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones started her career in stage musicals such as Annie. However, her fame came in the UK TV drama The Darling Buds Of May. She is one of the most famous female Welsh actors and her talents have helped her land success in Hollywood thanks to hit movies like Entrapment, Chicago, The Mask Of Zorro, Traffic and Ocean’s Twelve. The wife of Michael Douglas has had bingo in her life from a young age. In fact, her father won £100,000 on a night out at a bingo hall and used the money to aid Catherine’s career. The Welsh beauty host regular bingo parties at her home and has her own custom-made bingo cards that she traditionally updates every Christmas. 

The Model Bingo Player 

Kate Moss may have been quiet of late but the supermodel is now also a successful businesswoman. Kate is probably one of the most famous faces from the supermodel era thanks to her collaborations with Calvin Klein. She is also an eager bingo player and so is her close friend, actress Sadie Frost. The model mum now prefers hosting family bingo nights with her nearest and dearest. 

The World Of Sport 

Football is the most popular sport on the planet and it is not hard to see why. It also produces sporting icons that are famous all over the world. At the moment the finest footballer on the planet is a long-term tussle between Lionel Messi, from Argentina and Christiano Ronaldo, from Portugal. 

Ronaldo is known to have a love for a game or two of Poker, but he also has a soft spot for bingo. It is claimed that the game has helped him improve his English and a bingo DVD Christmas present has a big part to play in his love for the game. 

The Music Industry 

Robbie Williams again may not be someone that you would expect to indulge in regular games of bingo. The ex Take-That singer who has had a successful solo career, takes part in bingo events that are held in the UK and America. These have helped raise money for charity and other good causes.

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