Four Reasons to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


A workplace injury can lead to mounting expenses and medical bills, ongoing pain and suffering, as well as stress on your loved ones. When you think about your options, you may believe that you cannot afford the services of a phoenix workers compensation lawyer. However, there are a lot of reasons to let a lawyer handle your situation, especially as you try to recover from your injuries. These reasons include the following:

Determine Your Eligibility for Workers’ Comp

Not all workers who sustained injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Generally, the majority of employees are eligible in most states. However, there are exceptions. To ensure you are eligible before you file, you must discuss your circumstances with an attorney. Your lawyer will evaluate your case and work to fight for your rights if they find you eligible for benefits.

Meet All Legal Requirements

If your attorney thinks you are eligible for workers’ compensation, you need to meet all the legal requirements of your state to successfully file a claim for benefits. These include proving that your injury is work-related, reporting your injury to your employer on time, and seeing an approved doctor. Without an attorney, you may not know all requirements to meet and ultimately fail to collect the benefits you deserve. 

Seek the Benefits You Need

When you file for workers’ comp, you can’t simply file a claim and start getting checks in the mail. You must determine the benefit you are eligible to get. Often, you may be eligible to receive medical benefits right away and collect disability benefits if you miss a certain number of days from work. Your lawyer can tell you which benefits you are eligible to get and ensure you get all what you deserve.

Deal with the Insurance Claims Adjuster

If you are seeking workers’ comp benefits, you will have to deal with an insurance company. Unfortunately, most insurers will find gaps in you claims to try to reduce your benefits of deny your claim altogether. They can easily take advantage of your innocence of the law and your situation. But, they will usually take your case seriously if they have to deal with your lawyer. By hiring an attorney, you don’t have to talk to a claims adjuster yourself, which can be quite intimidating. Your lawyer will negotiate with the company for a fair settlement offer, ensuring you get what you deserve and need. 

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