Betting on Underdogs – Tennis


Making bets on underdogs in tennis is a profitable strategy that brings about higher returns and special opportunities. Lotus365, India’s top most betting site has appropriately demystified how to go about such bets; it provides insight that every bettor must know. Through this blog, we shall provide the best ways of betting for underdogs in tennis.

Identifying value in underdogs

Analyzing Recent Form:

Current Performance: Review the recent performance of the non-favorite. A player in good shape is more likely to produce a surprising result.

Match Context: This includes looking at the level of competition recently as well as any significant victories or tight matches against better ranked players.

Head-to-Head Records:

Historical Matchups: Evaluate past games between these opponents and determine if there are any peculiarities about them stemming from those games.

Psychological Edge: Their psychology sometimes gives an underdog a psychological edge over their opponent hence upping their chances for victory.

Surface Suitability:

Preferred Surface: Evaluate how the contestant has performed on his current tournament’s surface. Some competitors tend to do very well on specific surfaces thus leveling the piece.

Surface Record: Look through data historically identifying underdogs who have done well on similar surfaces before.

Strategic Betting On Underdogs

Early Rounds of Tournaments:

Higher Upset Potential: There are greater chances for upsets when lower-ranked players meet top seeds because by then they might be still trying to adjust and some may not be familiar with their opponents yet.

Betting Opportunities: These include those who performed impressively during the qualifiers or other tournaments just prior to this one where you may see potential values that can come out alive based on your analysis.

Live Betting:

In-Play Adjustments: In-play betting enables gamblers to exploit momentum changes and live performances. Underdogs might start fast or gain confidence as the game progresses.

Watching the Match: By observing the game live, there could be some insights into whether or not the underdog has a chance of winning and thus enabling you to make informed in-play bets.

Handicap Betting:

Reduced Risk: By using handicap betting, you can give yourself a buffer when supporting an underdog. In such cases, if you bet on a +1.5 set handicap for the underdog, it means that they only need to win one set or lose narrowly.

Increased Value: This provides more value than simply backing the outsider to win outright, particularly in matches where the favorite is expected to be pushed by their opponent.

Betting on Specific Markets:

Set Betting: Instead of wagering on an entire match outcome, consider placing your stake on an underdog winning just one specific set. This reduces risk while still offering attractive odds.

Game Totals: This type of bet can yield returns when placed during matches where both competitors are expected to battle strongly with tougher opponents hence resulting in longer rides.


Betting on tennis’s non-favorites can be a source of significant wealth as long as it is backed by careful analysis and strategic planning. Recent form, head-to-head records, surface suitability plus use of live-betting and handicaps will help you have access to valuable opportunities which might increase your chances of succeeding. Download Lotus365 app today for a comprehensive and user-friendly betting experience with features like casino & live dealer games alongside sport betting options; Lotus365 app offers India’s best bookmaking platform complete with wide selection odds.

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