Best gaming mouse buying guide


Buying your gamming mouse is probably the most important thing, after the laptop or PC itself. Having a good mouse to play games provides real advantages in terms of response time, DPI, ergonomics or even sliding. We are going to offer you the buying guide so that you can buy the best mouse in the market.

Choice criteria

It should be adapted as much as possible to the morphology of your hand.  Avoid models that are too big, if you have small hands and vice versa. It’s up to you to adapt the form to the way you play. Left-handers will favour dedicated models or ambidextrous mice.

The style

It is a criterion specific to each. It must obviously please you if you want to keep it long. Don’t worry, the builders are not lacking in imagination and there is something for everyone.

Wired or wireless

The gamers are mainly directed towards the wired mouse. Not to worry about the charge level of the mouse but also because an efficient wireless technology at a financial cost. They are therefore generally quite expensive. But, if you’re looking for a wired or wireless mouse then you can search here

The sensor (DPI)

The DPI or Points per inch determines the sensitivity of the mouse. In general, a standard mouse usually has 1,000 DPI which is sufficient for normal desktop tasks. But to play games, depending on the resolution, we will need a certain amount of DPI. We leave you a table to choose your gaming mouse well depending on your resolution:

720p – 1500 DPI

900p – 1500 – 2500 DPI

1080p – 2500 – 3000 DPI

1440p – 3600 – 4000 DPI

2160p – more than 4000 DPI

The most logical thing is to acquire one that allows you to configure the DPI manually. Thus getting to know how we feel more comfortable. IPRs influence photographic work more than when playing.

Don’t forget the Mouse Pad

Do not forget that a good gaming mouse like Razer gaming mouse, must be accompanied by a mouse pad adapted to your style (Speed ​​or Control).

The weight

The weight must also influence your choice. People with professional gaming preferably use fairly light or moderate weight gaming mouse. So that they can easily control the mouse whenever it is needed. Light weight moue does not stimulates wrist pain. Although, many models have weights to maximize the comfort.

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