The New Reproductive Technology – Designing the $100,000 Baby


The New Reproductive Technology in Today’s World enables would-be parents to ORDER gender, intelligence, lifespan of their future babies, and even eliminating various hereditary and genetic diseases. These are the answers to “What kind of baby can money buy?” being asked and questioned by the people in the previous years. Now, it is made possible to design your own baby if you can cough up enough money. After all, ‘The Baby Business’ will soon boom the global market as it would be a profitable business.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), the biggest scientific advancement, is a procedure where the embryo is genetically tested to be free of disease and then implanted in the mother using In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Meanwhile, the science and business of sex identification took yet another quantum leap forward recently with the Pregnancystore’s release of the Baby Gender Mentor Home DNA Gender Testing Kit. The Gender Testing Kit actually tells you your baby’s gender as early as 5 weeks after conception with a 99.9% accuracy rate. As we know that ultrasound and amniocentesis can only determine the baby’s gender at least 4 months into pregnancy, a long period which virtually all expecting mothers have already chosen to continue their pregnancies to term.

But with the Gender Testing Kit, this is no longer the case, prospective parents will only ask : Do we want to have a child of this sex? Or should we try again? What strikes me more than anything about this new reproductive technology is that, are we treating our own kind like ” SPARE PARTS”? Purposefully creating children with the image we desire and to be used as ‘ spare parts ‘ for research.

In fact, more techniques are at the developmental stage to further advance the reproductive technology, ie.,artificial wombs, germinal choice technology, invitro parthenogenesis and reprogenetics.

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