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ChiyanVikram, even though he belongs to Tamil film industry, but the name has no need of introduction in Telugu movies. He does many wonderful films and dubbed as Telugu movies. Mr. KK is one of the best movies from Vikram, originally made in Tamil and also dubbed and released in Telugu.

The universal star Kamal Haasan produced the film with Vikram.  This is an interesting thing for ‘Mr. KK’. The movie got a very good response from the audience, and got a good place among Telugu movies. Recently it was added in movies on Aha. It is also trending very good in the movies on Aha.  Let’s check the story, artistes’ performances, technicalities, etc of Mr. KK, before going to browse for it at movies on aha.


Vasu (Abhi Hassan), Adhira (Akshara Hassan) resist the elders and get married and leave for Malaysia. Vasu, who is a doctor in a hospital, accompanies Adhira in the morning on her way to night duties as Adhira is pregnant. Meanwhile, KK (Vikram), the accused in the murder of an industrialist, joins the same hospital.

The assassination attempt on KK took place while Vasu was on duty. Vasu then saves KK. But some thugs kidnap Adhira and threaten Vasu to get KK out of the hospital. With this, Vasu avoids KK in the wrong circumstances. Actually who is KK..? Who tried to free KK..? What has KK got to do with the industrialist death? What happened to Adhira and the residents in the end? That’s the rest of the story.

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Artistes’ Performances:

Typical actor Vikram once again impressed with his stylish performance. However, due to the lack of opportunity to show large variations in terms of story, he was limited to single expression. Impressed in terms of looks and mannerisms.

Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter AksharaHaasan also did well. Her acting is especially tear-jerking in the emotional scenes. Her screen presence and glamour are the assets to the movie.

All the actors who appeared in other roles are largely unfamiliar to the Telugu audience. They put their effort to impress the range of their characters.


The director portrayed the movie with high end technical values. The way he filmed is wonderful. Director Rajesh M Selva succeeded in making the film thrilled with just a small point into a two-hour film with his screenplay technique.

Music director Gibran‌ gave wonderful music to the film. The background music, with the songs, also impressed a lot. The cinematography elevated the emotional and action scenes. The production values are in line with the cinematic level.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Vikram, Akshara Hassan, Abhi Hassan, Vikas, etc

Direction: Rajesh M Selva

Music: Gibran

Producer: Kamal Hassan


Mister KK, an action thriller, definitely thrills you with its amazing action episodes and thrilling elements.

 Browse ‘movies on Aha’ and find ‘Mr. KK’ in ‘Telugu movies’.

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