7 surprising facts about the lottery that will blow your mind


What’s the first word that appears into your mind when you are crazy about getting a good fortune unexpectedly? Yes, it is none other than a lottery. You will find out a lot of awesome yet crazy stories and facts that will surprise you.

There are some of the facts you might find it hard to digest, but it has happened just like a miracle.

So, we have come up with some surprising and crazy facts about the lottery that will guarantee to blow your mind.

1. Investing in the lottery more than entertainment

Figures have shown that Americans like to spend more money on lotteries than spending on entertainment. North American association of state & provincial lotteries have unveiled that the statistics came out was surprising. It said that they spent about $70 billion on lottery tickets and $63 billion on entertainment. The statistics made it clear that lotteries are fun to Americans.

2. Not everyone feels happy on hitting a jackpot

Yes, you’ve got it right. Not everyone gets in a good mood after winning. A survey of the winners have shown a majority of 55% who feel good after hitting the jackpot, but 43% remain stoic while 2% of the rest feel less happy.

3. Another one bites the dust

An incident in North Carolina had shocked the world when a woman bought a ticket of worth $10 million just to prove her husband wrong about lotteries, and she ended up making a good fortune.

4. Back with a bang!

Bill Morgan came back to life after being declared dead due to a crash. He then bought a lottery ticket to celebrate and ended up winning a $27,000 car. He was asked to celebrate his win. So he did it again with even a stroke of better luck yielding $250,000.

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5. Ride different every day

UK surveys have come to a fantastic fact that the average lottery winner is able to buy 4.5 cars while 10% of them buy more or equal to 10 cars. So if you’ve got a winning streak, you are going to have a new ride every day. See keluaran hk and get one of the rides of your own.

6. Where do you hide it?

You might find it unbelievable, but 30% of the women who buy lottery ticket hide their tickets inside their bras. Well, do you hide it somewhere else?

7. Would you quite a job for lotteries?

People may complain about their daily job that they don’t like the monotonous life, but you will be damned to know that 67% Americans have said “no” to leaving their daily job even after winning a jackpot worth a million dollars. For UK people, the figures show 48%. You got to be kidding me! They really do love their daily job.

You might have found some of the stories able to inspire you to go for a jackpot. So, who’s stopping you?

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