What are the different Types of server


A server is an essential thing for anyone who has needs for large scale storage of computer files. There are many types of servers including cloud servers, but most big businesses prefer to maintain their own array of servers such as a dell server

Some server types you may want to look into

It is the one that saves several types of files and shares them to other clients in the network. Example,  Dell PowerVault MD1200 a dell server.

Print Server: controls one or more printers and accepts print jobs from other clients on the network, queuing print jobs (although you can adjust the priority of different printouts), and implementing most or all of the other functions that in a workplace would be performed to achieve a task of impression if the printer was attached directly with the port of printer of the workplace.

Mail Server: stores, receives, sends, routes and runs other operations linked to e-mail for clients on the network.

Fax Server: stores, receives, sends, routes and runs other functions required for the adequate transmission, acceptance and delivery of faxes.

Proxy Server: implements a particular type of functions for other clients in the network to enhance the operation of specific operations (example, prefetching and deposit documents or other data that are demanded very often), also provides security services, meaning it includes a firewall. It enables managing access to the internet in a computer network allowing or denying access to different websites.

Web Server: stores HTML documents, text files, scripts, images, and other Web material composed of data (collectively known as content), and shares this content to clients who request it on the network.

Database server: gives database services to other programs or other computers, as determined by the client-server model. You can also refer to those servers committed to performing those programs, providing the service.

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