Three Things Your Personal Injury Attorney in Ontario Will Do for You


If you have been injured in an accident that occurred because another party was negligent, you may want to seek compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. In this type of situation, you may pursue a claim against the insurance company of the negligent party. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not generous enough to just give you the amount of compensation they demand. As a business, insurance companies will try to protect their bottom line. Because of this, they will challenge your claim. In this case, you need an Ontario injury lawyer to represent you. Your attorney will communicate with the representative an insurer will assign in your case and negotiate a fair settlement with them. Here’s what an injury attorney will do when they handle your case:

Determine the Worth of Your Personal Injury Claim

An experienced personal injury attorney has settled different kinds of personal injury cases and has been trained in the field of injury law. Their extensive experience and knowledge allow them to come up with an accurate value for your case. And because the kinds and amounts of compensation an injured victim is entitled to may change; you need a lawyer who knows how much exactly to demand from the negligent party.  

Help You Obtain a High Settlement

While some settlements may not be fair, hiring an attorney will often help you get more money for your claim. When an insurer knows that you are legally represented, they will usually make higher settlement offers. They know how serious your attorney is when they handle your case. In fact, insurance providers will do their best not to end up in court because this will only cost them more than settling your claim outside of the courtroom.  

Advise You When to Accept a Settlement or File a Lawsuit

Insurance companies will try to make a quick offer the moment they are notified about your accident and injury. But the offer is rarely sufficient to cover all of your losses. Because of your dire need for financial resources, you may be wondering if you just accept an offer or wait until you get a higher one. Your attorney will know when an offer is right for you and advises you if you should accept or just file a lawsuit against the negligent party in court. A lawsuit may help you get awarded the compensation your attorney thinks you deserve to receive. 

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