Some surprising facts we must know about sex 


When it comes to sex, all have a point of view that it is a highly satisfying and pleasurable activity to perform. But many have very less or inappropriate knowledge about this intercourse of humans. With the help of hot JAV, we came to know about some of the unique and surprising facts about sex.

Here are a few facts we must know about sex. Let’s have a look at them through this article.

Women have more stamina– when we talk about strength in bed, then definitely women wins the race with a significant margin. As after some decent time, man is likely to lose the competition as they erect and after erection, they need rest and some time to bring up sexual mode. Whereas women can have an unlimited orgasm in bed, their body is designed in such a unique way.

Sex makes us look better- as the heading suggests that sex helps us in looking more fitter and healthier than we used to be. Extraordinary session if sex makes the blood circulation better, which makes the skin better. Hairs look shiner and also helps in lowering our blood pressure in a very effective manner.

The same style as a dolphin– hot JAV has disclosed the fact that in mammal categories, only humans and dolphins make sexual intercourse for reliving their stress. As after orgasm, many fluids are flushed from the body. This creates a proper balance between estrogen and hormonal effects of the body.

Sleeping is healthy- there is a myth that states that sleeping after sex or orgasm is a form of weakness in the body. But this factor we can say myth is entirely false as after orgasm mind releases porcelain which promotes sleeping cells of the body to come in action. Sex is a physically challenging task to achieve. Therefore, a male can be exhausted because core and tighs muscles are highly engaged in it.

Women also experience orgasm- when we talk about orgasm, which is the ending part of any sexual intercourse. Although the majority of man eject and have an orgasm better technique and stamina of men in bed can also help women to have an orgasm in bed and have the time of their life. Women orgasm is a clear fluid which does not contain any odor and is rich in protein.

Learning various techniques- sex is all about the experience, and new learning with regular practice of sexual intercourse. Regular and frequent sex can also help your relation to bring back your charm and makes your chemistry with your partner better. With regular sex, one can learn many techniques which can fulfill their sexual desires. And it is rightly said that making sexual intercourse during the period of women can be very messy and smelly. Because the fluids in the body and over eggs of women tend to come out of the body and its completely natural process. Therefore no one can control periods and their cramps naturally.

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