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Today, many people have said that Telugu is the best film industry. That is a fact, but complicated does not mean impossible. They are developing their technologies more and more every year, and through an excellent team, they are making films that will never be out of sight of the audience. 

Is Telugu one of the best today?

Yes, we can freely say that Telugu has a leading position,

both in India and around the world. Before this industry came this far, a great path of development had passed, from silent films to the latest movies. That is why many people today consider this industry to be the best. 

I should note that nowadays Telu Gu is producing films of all genres. The Telugu Film Industry maintains the trust and love of the people. As we mentioned, Telugu has come a long way in its development, so they know exactly what people like. They set the standard to produce films with only the highest quality and exciting story. You probably agree that quality and romance are some of the critical details when creating a movie. 

Now I want to introduce you to the three latest Telugu movies that you can check in aha.

Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante:

Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante tells the story of a young boy. Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante has been caring for one of the young irresponsible boys Arjun for a long time, who has been living with other nations for quite some time. He sometimes lives with friends and sometimes with his grandparents. Everything changes when one day, her grandparents rent an apartment and leave the US. This is where it all begins. What will happen to Arjun, whose entire life has depended on others? You can see what happens next in this fantastic movie.

Pressure cooker:

The pressure cooker tells a fascinating story. Narayana has been dreaming all her life of sending her son Kishore to the US. Everything terrible happens when Kishore goes to get a visa, but they do not give him a permit. He finds himself in the city of Hyderabad. He will meet the beautiful girl Anita here and fall in love with her. In this city, he will get into trouble where he is trying to escape. That is why it will create a new product for pregnant women. This product will bring him popularity quickly, which will solve the problem of his visa. But now he is facing a big decision, whether to go to the US or stay with his beloved Anita.


Sandeep Reddy is waiting for his wife Shruti’s restaurant to celebrate his wedding day, but Shruti doesn’t show up at the restaurant. And in a few minutes, Sandeep Reddy was called on the phone from his house. He is told that his wife, Shruti, has died. Police said it was not a suicide case, but a premeditated murder. Sandeep himself became an actual suspect. He claims to be innocent and avoids the police to prove his innocence. The most interesting question at this time killed Shruti and whether Sandeep will prove his innocence. You can see all of this in this fantastic movie.

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