How Your Pet Can Help You To Build New Friendships


Photo by Burst from Pexels

Your dog isn’t just your best friend and companion. They can also help you to build new friendships and can start to bond with dogs that they frequently see. No matter if they are a puppy or an adult, they can introduce you to people – who you wouldn’t normally socialise with. A great conversation starter, your little ball of fluff will present opportunities to get to know like-minded people. 

But how do you make these new friendships? Here are just some of the ways:

Out on Walks 

Your dog will command attention when out on walks – especially if he/she is a puppy. People will come up to you, asking if it’s ok to stroke them and may even ask some questions about them. Many people meet friends after being introduced to them through their dogs – especially when the other person has a dog themselves. This is particularly prevalent for those who frequently walk the same route with their dog.

In Pubs

If you bring your dog to a pub/restaurant, chances are it will draw people’s attention – you need to make sure that they are comfortable with this, however, before deciding to take them there. 

A more relaxed environment, it will get you talking to others who have taken an interest in your pup. By bringing your dog to the pub or restaurant frequently, you will start to see the same people – giving you the opportunity to get to know them a little better. 

Dog Parks

If you have a dog park nearby, you will start to see the same dogs enjoying the surroundings. By visiting a dog park you can start talking to the dog owners, getting to know them and their dogs. You could then start to plan meetups or  play dates with the dogs – if it seems as though they are getting along ok. Just like having a child, these meetups can create lifelong friendships with those who live near you.

Dog Classes

If you want to train your dog or teach it agility, dog classes are perfect. And through these classes, you will have the chance to bond with other dog lovers. Your dog will also start to make friends too – an ideal way to improve their sociability and how comfortable they are with other dogs.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! Those are just some of the ways that your pet can help you to build new friendships and bond with those in your local area. If you are a first-time owner, it will build your confidence in talking to other dog owners, introducing you to a new and exciting lifestyle. If you don’t already have a dog and are thinking of getting one, that’s just one of the benefits that comes with them! 

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