How to bet on corners and most predictable football leagues


Amongst football punters, corners tend to be increasing steadily in preference, especially in live matches. The importance of winning corners could be summed up as the following as per the information at  eurocasino:

  • Pick the attacking teams: A team which tends to play in the field’s final third is likely to create more chances for scoring than those which will result in corners. 
  • Identify the ones making the play: Check out how a team is employing its plan for attacking. If instead of its best players being placed in the middle they are situated in the flanks, there is a tendency for them to try and ensure that the ball is crossed which will then result in more corners as compared to creating play via through balls.
  • Take time: Even if some odds are profitable, it could be best if you spend some time watching the match before you strike your bet. 

Predictable football leagues

Most bookies are normally aware when there is match changing factors and try to balance the commission so that you will need to be well informed in order to get an edge on the odds. There are certain competitions and leagues which tend to present certain predictability, especially in terms of under/over bets or results for closing fixtures. The most predictable football leagues include:

  • Favorite friendly leagues:When it comes to such leagues, Scottish premier league tends to be the most predictable one especially on the at-home games with at least 44% confirmation rate. Other leagues in this category include the German Oberliga Bremen division, with a 36%, Cyprus division 1 with a 34%, and the German Bundesliga with a 34% rate. 
  • Leagues with high draw percentages: The Segunda B group III tends to enjoy a 38% in draws with any odds above 3.00. At 37% is the France National league with the South Africa Premier soccer at 37%.
  • Most frequent at over 3.5: The German Oberliga Bremen division is at 65% with over 3 goals scored. The Scottish highland league has the highest scoring with 62%. But it is very hard to find bettings on these leagues due to the fact that, they are development leagues. The most well known high scoring league is the Dutch EesteDivise which has an impressive 43% with games having over 3 goals. 
  • Best home wins leagues: At 74%, the Nigerian professional football league tends to lead in this particular category. The second in command is the Bosnia Herzegovina first division with an impressive 58%. The Czech Republic first division is third in this category with 53%.

Over/Under 2.5 goals tips

If you plan to win with under/over 2.5 bets then it might be advisable that you try a different approach from the one you are currently using. You should check out how you can win more when you are picking the over 2.5 which will mean that:

  • You will need to pick a league which is high scoring
  • Check out their previous meeting
  • Strike when the time is right.

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