How Music Can Heal The World


Music is an explosive expression of emotion and humanity. People can be touched emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually by music. Regardless of the culture, music is always an essential part and we have a universal bond with music and it has a healing effect on our society. A deep connection to music is already hardwired in our minds and bodies and, when we listen to a favourite song, emotional responses are quickly triggered. It could be a song when we fell in love or when had a difficult breakup, but, regardless of its various emotional associations, music is usually a positive force in our society.

Let’s take a look at some ways that music can heal the world after the COVID-19 crisis:

A Form Of Entertainment- music is entertaining and it’s all around us. In many forms of entertainment like films, TV series, music competition reality shows and songs, music is an essential part. Entertainment can make people calm or excited, depending on the goal. It’s a positive distraction that can make people feel better and behave more favourably towards others.

Communicate Feelings And Thoughts- sometimes, we have no words to describe our feelings, thoughts, and circumstances. When words can no longer do the talking, music becomes an excellent method of communication. Music is a way to express excitement, love, compassion, and many other positive feelings we might have.

Send Positive Messages- music can express hope and empathy. Songwriters and musicians may desire certain changes in the society. With their music, they can uplift and inspire others. It’s wonderful how music can send messages in a poetic and artistic way.

Relaxes The Mind- when we listen to soothing music, we feel calm and relaxed. Distressed minds can result in unwanted and sometimes, violent behaviours. According to studies, music can reduce the production of the stress hormone, cortisol. It also triggers the production of dopamine, which makes you calmer and happier.

Music is a true gift to society, providing many benefits that we really need in today’s world. We can experience the good things that music brings. Music can be shared in schools, homes, and other places in our society. It has creativity-enhancing, energising, inspiring and healing effects on us all.

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