How is Telehealth Easing Chronic Conditions Management?


Chronic diseases are among the most demanding challenges in today’s healthcare industry. Patients with chronic diseases account for over 70% of all hospital admissions. A disease is considered chronic if it lasts for more than three months. The common conditions include cancer, diabetes, asthma, and heart disease. As you age, you are at a higher risk of such diseases. Managing the conditions is critical but has not been as easy. Telehealth has and continues to prove useful. Serving the needs of aging adults and helping them in managing chronic conditions, Dr. Thomas Nguyen combines the good-old methods and modern solutions, including telehealth. Here are a few reasons telehealth is becoming an invaluable tool in chronic diseases and conditions management.

Virtual visits

Among the challenging aspects of managing chronic conditions in aging adults is access to specialized care. You have noticed some new symptoms. They might not seem like a big deal, especially if they pop up and disappear in a few days. While it might be nothing, it could signify a growing problem. Traveling to see a doctor is not convenient, keeping you from providing such details on time.

Virtual visits provide better access to specialized care. You only need an internet connection to alert your doctor of the new symptoms. This facilitates real-time symptoms management. You will get guidance on handling the situation, observing the changes, and reporting back. Moreover, specialists can manage follow-up care with virtual visits, enhancing the process’s effectiveness.

Remote monitoring

In most, if not all cases, managing chronic conditions requires some lifestyle changes. For instance, a patient may be needed to change:

  • Diet
  • Exercise regimen
  • Habits such as smoking

While you will not intentionally ignore the guidelines, following through is not easy. Deviating from the regimen could worsen the situation. It is a significant concern that telehealth helps address. Remote patient monitoring helps the doctors to check the progress and establish if you are following the tailored regimen. They provide reminders, and guidance, keeping you on track. What’s more, with more involvement, such as options that require patients to monitor their blood pressure and send the information to the doctor, you will be more committed to the management process.


Electronic reminders are a gem. Patients get timely reminders about an upcoming appointment, ensuring they do not miss that evaluation. Managing the medication is also easier as the reminders keep you on track. Online patient engagement tools enhance their involvement in the management and preventative care. It is easier to maintain a healthy regimen when actively involved, translating to low hospital readmission.

Education outreach

A significant aspect of chronic diseases and conditions management is targeted patient education. In-person visits, apart from being inconvenient, can also be costly. This affects the outreach, which telehealth addresses through digital solutions. A specialist can easily put in place a continued health coaching program. Combining virtual visits and digital educational materials tailored to a specific patient is effective. The approach makes it easier to manage the conditions since patients have vital information at their fingertips.

Telehealth for chronic diseases and conditions management offers many benefits. It allows aging adults to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Let Nguyen Medical Group help; we are only a call away. With home visits and telehealth, you will comfortably manage any condition, allowing you to lead a fulfilling life.


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