Finding the right criminal defense attorney in Jersey City


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When facing a criminal charge in Jersey City, it can be hard to think straight. No matter the charges, you have the right to seek legal representation. While the court will get you a lawyer if you cannot afford one, but it is always wise to hire a defense attorney you can trust. In this post, we are sharing more on how to find the right Jersey City criminal defense attorney and things to discuss. 

  1. Check online. Law firms in New Jersey have their own websites, where you can find details of criminal defense attorneys working with them. If you don’t have references, websites like Avvo can be really handy for finding best-rated lawyers. Keep in mind that you need someone specializing in criminal law. 
  2. Call a few attorneys. Besides shortlisting a few names, you need to do your homework with regards to credibility and popularity of attorneys. Google reviews can be really handy in understanding what clients have to say about a particular criminal defense attorney. Call at least a couple of law firms to gauge their response. 
  3. Phone consultation. Considering that you may want immediate advice with regards to your arrest and charges against you, it is wise to talk to a criminal defense attorney on the phone. If the attorney takes interest in the case, meet them in person (provided you are not in jail), or ask them to come to you. 
  4. Discuss the case. Just like you wouldn’t lie to a doctor about your illness, you need to be transparent with your attorney. Make sure that you share an honest version of the string of incidents that led to your arrest. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney will give an overview of what to expect from the case. They will also talk about the best legal options that you can consider, keeping circumstances in mind. 
  5. Ask about costs. Yes, hiring a criminal defense attorney will cost you, and top attorneys do charge considerably higher. However, keep in mind that the experience of a lawyer is key to getting justice. Depending on the facts and evidence, the attorney may have to go to trial too, which again can be expensive. 

Make sure that you hire an attorney who has handled cases similar to yours. As for the costs, criminal defense attorneys often charge an hourly rate, or can have a retainer fee. You can work on financials after discussion. 

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