Features of a good car nav sat


The car sat nav is one of the very important parts of the car which makes it really worth using in the car due to its many good features. Some of its big features are discussed below in this article.

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Large and clear screen

The prime motto of any car sat nav is to provide better info about the route with the help of voice and pictures. For knowing the different routes and the traffic on it, the size and the resolution of the screen matters a lot. That is the reason all modern cars come with some inbuilt car sat-nav screen.

With the help of this screen, the driver or the owner of the car can see all the things on the road clearly and can plan their further traveling on the same route accordingly. In this way, the whole of traveling can be managed efficiently to make it more safe and comfortable.

Bluetooth connectivity

This is one of the pro features which all modern cars own. With the help of it, you can command the screen and it’s different functions remotely. It makes the traveling more comfortable, as with this facility you can do all the basic things remotely without touching the car sat nav and for doing this, you need not fix yourself at the same place. With this Bluetooth, you may also be able to see all your phone’s messages and notes the big screen. Even the mobile call you can attend without sticking to the mobile for so long.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition is the facility that makes the device listen to you and work accordingly. With the help of this function, you can give all the commands to your car sat nav without touching it manually all the time. This is one of the biggest features which all the car lovers want to have in their car sat-nav. With the help of this feature, you can also use the I-phone Siri and android’s google now without any difficulty. There are many mobile apps that you can connect with it and use them all too to enhance the capability of your cars sat nav.


There are mainly two types of cars, in which people can use this car sat-nav. In the first type of car, the car sat nav is fixed and can not be changed by its position. It may cause many problems for many people some times, who want to change the position of the car or want to make more room for some special occasion, by unmounting the car sat-nav. In the second type of car, people may get such liberty of both mounting and mounting the car sat-nav. Both types of facilities have some of their positive and some negative side.


With the above-mentioned features, it’s very clear that the cars Cheap Sat Nav is really very useful for most of the cars. The other features of it you can google any time when you want to know more about them.

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