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Time and again we find on the Internet a lot of pages where they claim to know the best slot strategies and tricks with which you can win a lot of money. But what do these strategies and tricks consist of? Can you be smarter than the slot machine and quit the game earning a lot of money? 

We leave the subject of fraud-based tricks aside and are not going to take it seriously. Here we want to give you some tips on how you should play to get the most out of online slots, because in this type of virtual games it is impossible to use movie tricks, as in Ocean’s 13, where a trick has been used to manipulate the electronic system of the slot machine to win the highest prize. Try your best casino188
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Caution. No slot strategy works

Although there are people on the Internet who promise to help you make money on slot machines with cheats, this is simply impossible. Each slot machine has an electronic system that is programmed so that all bets between 92% and 99% lose and the famous trick from the Ocean’s 13 movie is nothing credible or true.

Also, you should not fall into illusions about online slot strategies. On the Internet it is often said that in a certain order of adjustment of online slots, you can win more than normal. Once again, I repeat that this is not possible and only serves to attract visitors to your web pages. The cheat pages are often casino affiliates and simply attract players to these operators who are their own partners. For this reason, it is written on these pages that it is possible to win prizes for the player to enter the casino and see for himself.

If you still want to minimize your losses on slots, I can give you some tips and tricks for this type of games. If possible, you should always choose a progressive slot and play with maximum use of the machine and with all paylines. Everything else is just good luck and a coincidence.

Payout percentage

We have already mentioned on the page dedicated to slots that games have a different payout percentage. While some have only 92% of the bets, others have a payout percentage up to 97%. This can be found on the pages of regulated online casinos that publish reports on these payout percentages. Sometimes on casino forums you can also find information on where slot games are worth playing.

In face-to-face game rooms it is important to consult staff and other players. It is often helpful to simply watch a slot machine to see if it pays a lot of prizes a day. Also, players don’t usually switch slots if they have a good winning streak.

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