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1 person dead, King County deputy hurt in South Seattle crash – KIRO 7 News  Seattle

A huge number of car accident cases and crashes are reported in Washington State every year. An unfortunate car accident can leave your life in limbo. The economical losses can be severe, from medical bills and loss of wages to lost future earnings and vehicle damage. There is also trauma and stress, which can be hard to deal with. If the accident happened because of someone’s negligence, you may want to call a reliable personal injury lawyer in Seattle. Here’s more on why an attorney is so important

The “pure comparative negligence” rule

Washington state follows the “pure comparative negligence” rule. This means that you can recover compensation from the other party, even if you had a share in the blame, but your settlement will reduce accordingly. For instance, if you were given $10,000 in settlement and your share of fault is marked at 10%, you will only get $9,000 in the final settlement. Also, even if you had a major share of fault, you can still recover something from the other party at fault. 

Since such complications are involved in car accident claims and lawsuits, you need a personal injury lawyer, who can guide you through the process. Most lawyers will do their share of investigation, and they will create a strategy accordingly. 

You don’t have much time

Hiring a lawyer is also important because of the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations in Washington allows a period of 3 years, from the date of the accident, to bring such personal injury lawsuits against the party at fault. If you don’t act quickly, you may lose out on important evidence and details, and in the long run, this can impact your settlement. Hire a lawyer, so that you can make the most of available evidence and details. 

Talk to a known personal injury lawyer now 

There are amazing and reliable personal injury lawyers working in Seattle, and many attorneys will be happy to offer a free initial consultation. Make sure that your lawyer knows the facts in-depth, and ask them about the possible outcomes of the case in advance. Depending on the circumstances and other factors, an injury lawyer may work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if they win. Lawyers usually take a fixed percentage of the final settlement, anywhere between 25% and 40%. 

If you are working with a personal injury lawyer for the first time, don’t forget to ask for references. 

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