All you are required to know concerning growth factor therapy for hair loss


Alopecia or baldness can negatively affect a person’s self-esteem because they lack confidence in how they look. However, this should not continue making you feel less attractive because a solution to your problem is now available. Growth factor injections are the solution to your hair loss problems. That is why Austin Texas Hair Restoration Center uses platelet-rich plasma injection to stimulate your hair follicles in the region with hair loss to help restore your natural hair. The experienced and qualified specialists offer individualized PRP therapy to treat hair loss, providing you with stunning results. Below is all you are supposed to know concerning growth factor injections.

What is growth factor injection therapy?

Generally, your blood is composed of several healing components whose function is to stimulate healing and promote blood flow at a cellular level anytime you are injured. But the purpose of the growth factor injection in hair loss is to recreate the benefits of the healing compounds from your blood by extracting them. Therefore, activation of platelet alpha-granules releases several growth factors during PRP processing. The function of these components is to promote the growth of new blood vessels and activate stem cells of your hair follicles. With time as blood flow to your hair follicle improves, awakening them, and they begin growing naturally.

How effective is platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss?

Scientists have carried out several studies to determine the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma therapy, and its efficacy has improved over the years. In 2006, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery published a study showing the benefits of PRP therapy in alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss. Patients were injected with PRP on half of their heads during the study, and the other half was injected with placebo injections. Every patient also underwent three of these treatment sessions. And after six months of taking this treatment, the researchers found that there was hair growing on the half of the head injected with PRP therapy. Therefore, the researchers concluded that this treatment positively affects hair loss and could be an effective treatment for the same.

How many PRP therapy treatments do you need?

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an effective treatment recommended for people struggling with thinning hair or hair loss. Typically, the physician usually recommends approximately three PRP therapy sessions depending on your hair loss level and how fast your hair grows. Each of the three treatment sessions should be around four to six weeks apart. After the three sessions, the doctor encourages you to visit the facility two to three times a year for maintenance platelet-rich plasma hair restoration treatment to lower the risk of hair loss and promote ongoing hair growth.

Hair loss can negatively affect your self-confidence and self-esteem, making you always put on hats, especially when going out to help make you look attractive. Therefore, seeking prompt treatment saves you this negative feeling of inferiority and less attractiveness. And if you have hair loss or baldness and are interested in learning more about platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair restoration, call or consult Texas Hair Restoration Center today. You can get started by booking your appointment online or calling their offices.

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