Advantages of Having a Server in Your Company


We customers often ask this same question, do I need a server in my company? Below I will discuss the main advantages of having a server within the company:

Centralize the Management of Users and Passwords

A server like ThinkAgile will be responsible for managing all users and their passwords. It will allow us to establish password expiration policies, the complexity of the same, etc. This allows us to improve the security within the company; we know that for example, when you unsubscribe a user inside the server, we avoid accessing the shared data from that moment.

Minimize the Number of Credentials within the Network

Have a user with your password to enter Windows, another to access the shared folder, another to operate remote access from home.  All this can be simplified by having a single server that is responsible for communicating with the different elements of the network and be able to use the same user and password for everything.

Establish policies on Windows computers. Restrictions can be set on the users’ computers from the server. For example: establish corporate wallpaper that cannot be changed, manage Windows updates, prevent a user from entering a computer that is not their own, disable access to Windows configuration screens, etc.

Centralize the Data

If we have all the files on a server, users can access them through the network without having to send documents by email. The server will be responsible for managing access permissions and registering connections. If a user’s computer should be damaged, the server could always be accessed from another device, and the data would not be compromised. Access to data can be done from computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Ease of Management of backup copies

When we have all our data in a server, the management and maintenance of backup copies are greatly facilitated. You only have to monitor a single device that contains all the critical data of the organization.

Centralized Applications

 If several people have to access, for example, the same accounting program, the ideal is for this program to be installed on a server with all the advantages we have mentioned above. We do not depend on another user having his computer turned on to be able to enter accounting.

Manage RemoteAccess

A server can be configured to allow remote access to data through secure VPN connections. In this way, a user with the appropriate permissions could connect to the server from his home computer to complete an offer he had left pending.

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