Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Online Business


The internet has changed everyone’s lives without a shadow of a doubt. People began to seek more and more convenience. And one of the best news of the 21st century brought by the internet is the possibility of making a lot of money without leaving home. The digital market has proved to be an excellent option for those who want to work from the comfort of their own homes. It is also an alternative to supplement income. So, today page365TH will talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of an online business. Here you will find the following topics:

  1. Low Investment

Setting up a physical business can have huge expenses that prevent the growth of a company. For example, monthly rent for the space being used, the decoration, and the internal structure of the establishment. This investment in space can be invested in structuring your online business or even as savings to control expenses at the beginning of your project. It is a fact that an online business does not require an initial investment as much as a physical space.

  1. Larger Audience

One of the most obvious advantages of an online business is related to the audience that it is possible to reach through the internet. Through the various tools offered, excel tools (ใบเสร็จ รับ เงิน excel which is the term in Thai) especially those provided by Google – SEO strategies, Google Analytics, among others – and by Social Networks, especially Facebook and Instagram – it is possible for your brand to become even better known in a shorter period. Digital marketing has caused great changes in today’s market! Without a physical store where people have to go to buy products or services or stop by to get knowledge, an online store can catapult your brand’s fame and bring in profits.

  1. Flexible Hours

The vast majority of the population still lives a fixed work schedule routine. In very populated cities with a sizeable territorial extension, it is normal for people to leave home at seven in the morning to arrive at work an hour or two later. The same route needs to be taken on the way back, which results in four hours less in your day just dedicated to transport. This is a time that brings you practically no return, which could be invested in performing some other activity. Productivity is highly valued in the world of entrepreneurship. With the home office, you can establish your routine and work at the time of day you want, depending on your activity segment.

  1. Reduction Of Expenses

What we pointed out above about the routine also enters this topic. With work from the home office, you reduce transport costs. The savings on bus or subway fares, or even fuel for your car, can be very significant at the end of the month. Even though the savings ratio seems to be a short blanket where you save on one hand and spend more on the other, at the end, when everything is put on the pencil tip, the savings are noticeable.

  1. Stress Reduction With Routine

The psychological factor and mental health should be a priority in anyone’s life. Working from home can mean a stress reduction, as you are less exposed to possible situations that cause public discomfort. Dealing with many people, adversity in traffic, and having to leave the house in rainy weather, among other factors.

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