11 Personalized Gifts To Give Family and Friends This Holiday Season

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The holiday season is slowly creeping in, and the time to hunt for the perfect gift is getting shorter and shorter. Looking for inspiration as early as now should be high on your list of holiday priorities. Why not try and get them Personalized gifts? It’s unique and special, and is sure to stand out from the rest.


All dads, uncles, and brothers are sure to appreciate a personalized wallet from you. You can have them done with their initials, a customized emblem, or even a sweet message from you to them!

Bangle Bracelet

A great personalized gift for your lucky lady would be a bangle bracelet. They come with a pendant that can have a custom message engraved in it, and are the perfect gift to make that Christmas just a little more romantic.

Sporty Dog Tag

For the sportier individuals, getting them a custom dog tag might be the way to go. You can have the tag customized with their names and even with a design to represent the sport they play.


A custom lighter might just be the way to go for anyone who wants to “light up” with a smile. Having their name or a personal message engraved will give them a simple yet standout present this holiday season.

Locket necklace

Just like the bangle bracelet, a necklace with a locket is a personal gift that you can give the women in your life. Make sure you don’t forget to add in a special picture for them to look at fondly!

Photo necklace

Somewhat of a unique cross between a locket and dog tag, a photo necklace is a simple gift that anyone can accessorize in style with, while still showing off their loved ones.

Paw Print Dogtag

Now, we can’t forget about our furry little friends, too! Another personalized gift choice is a paw print dog tag, to keep your fur baby close to you at all times.

Silver Pendant

A great choice for anyone who prefers more simple and minimal styles for their jewelry. This pendant can be customized and engraved with the receiver’s name, too!

Locket bracelet

If she is the type of woman who prefers bracelets to necklaces, another great personalized gift idea is the locket bracelet. It is chic and simple, and works well as a casual accessory for any occasion.

Keychain wallet

Like the custom wallets, you can have the keychain wallet customized with an emblem, a monogram, or a personal message. It’s the perfect gift for someone who needs to keep their keys organized in style.

Bag tag

A personalized bag tag is the perfect gift for your loved ones who love to golf or travel. It is small and simple, and is perfect for more practical people who want to put a gift to use.

Finding gifts for the upcoming holiday season shouldn’t be too difficult with the ideas above! Nothing makes a present more special than when it’s made especially for them.

Personalized gifts are extra special because they’re made for a specific individual. At Remember Me Gifts, we can help you make your loved ones smile with affordable unique gifts.


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