Winter Wear For Your Frenchie Bulldog


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Frenchies are brachycephalic which means that unlike other dog breeds, they are unable to regulate their body temperatures both in summers as well as winters. This is why clothing for French bulldog is a necessity. In winters, it is suggested to get hold of some winter wears to protect your Frenchie from a possible case of hypothermia.


Hypothermia is a condition in which the body of Frenchie dog gets extremely cold in winters. This happens because they have only one layer of fur coat and are brachycephalic. This isn’t a common symptom with other dogs, as other breeds of dogs can adjust with any kind of weather change. It is therefore advised to keep your Frenchie in a warm place.

Winter wears

Since Frenchie are so miserable in cold weather, it only makes sense to take extra care of them. If the weather is cold for humans as well, imagine the torture your Frenchie has to go through in this weather. Not only their body is miserable, but their nose also gets dried out. This needs special attention as well as otherwise, the dry nose may lead to breathing problems. Just like we get our winter wears, they also need their winter wears. Here’s a list of three items that are a necessary part of their winter wardrobe.


Sweaters are an important part of their wardrobe. You must have been mesmerized when seeing dogs in sweaters but for your Frenchie, it is not only a fashion statement but a necessity to help them survive the cold weather. There’s a wide range of sweaters for your Frenchie, light sweaters, heavy sweaters, and full-body sweaters. When you are shopping sweaters for your Frenchie pick up the warmest of them all. Remember the sole purpose of the sweater is not to make them look attractive and adorable but to protect them.


Towels are another important part. After every walk, it is necessary to wipe your Frenchies paws especially if it’s snowing outside. The ice melting chemicals might lead your Frenchies paws to dry out, crack or burn which might add to their misery.


Booties are helpful when the roads are blocked with ice. It acts as extra protection for your Frenchies’ paws, all the toxic chemicals, and the ice and snow that at times gets accumulated in their toes and brings miserable pain to them can now be easily avoided with booties or footwear.

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