What You Can Expect to Pay for Laser Hair Removal


Shaving, waxing, and tweezing only temporarily help you get rid of unwanted hair and can be tiresome. But if you want long-lasting results with less grapple, you can consider investing in laser hair treatments. You can conveniently get rid of that body hair you hate without experiencing nicks or burning pain from the temporal hair removal options. But it will come at a cost. It is crucial to investigate the laser hair removal cost to make proper financial plans as you invest in the treatment. One thing you can be sure of is that it is a worthy investment.

Understand Laser Hair Removal First

It is crucial to understand what you are planning to invest in first. Generally, laser hair removal offers a permanent solution to unwanted body hair issues. Shaving only gets rid of the tip of the hair follicle, and waxing removes the hair from the root, but the hair will regrow in both cases and other temporary hair removal treatments. But the laser technology kills the hair follicle that it cannot grow back.

Consultation is Essential in Understanding the Cost of Your Treatment

Every healthcare provider will charge differently for laser hair treatments. Several factors will count into the average cost, and it is crucial to discuss the treatment with your provider. Your doctor needs to assess your hair type, skin type, and overall expectations. When they validate you are a good candidate for the treatment, they will take you through every step of the treatment to help you understand what you can expect and what it will cost you.

The Average Cost

As mentioned earlier, the cost of laser hair treatments might vary from one provider to another. But it will cost you more than shaving or waxing, and you can consider it a beauty investment. Note that you will expense more only for the initial treatment but will save money in the future when you no longer need the shaving or waxing. Many factors, including the geographical location, area treated, time to perform the procedure, and your provider’s expertise, will count when determining the average cost of your treatment. Generally, you can expect to spend between a hundred and eight hundred dollars.

Cost For Large Areas

When you get rid of body hair in large areas like your back or legs, you can expect to spend more than in small areas. Remember that you might need more sessions and also a highly experienced practitioner. Generally, you might end up spending about six hundred dollars per session when all the necessary considerations are included.

Cost for Small Areas

You can expect to pay less when seeking hair removal for small areas like underarms, bikinis, lines, and facial areas. Every particular area will cost differently. For example, the bikini area can cost anything between two fifty and three fifty dollars per session, while the lower face and chin can cost an average of about two hundred and fifty dollars. An underarm hair removal session can cost between a hundred and seventy-five and two hundred and twenty-five dollars.

What is Included in the Treatment Cost?

What you will end up paying for your laser hair treatment covers your office visits, the topical anesthetic application, actual laser treatment procedure, and post-care topical applications. But the cost may vary depending on the number of treatments you will require.

Talk to the laser hair removal specialists at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center to understand your treatment cost. It will help you make proper financial arrangements. You can book online appointments to ask any relevant question, even about insurance coverage. Remember that laser hair treatment is a worthy investment.

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